Global Currency Reset Intel Update – This is a Major Document for Humanity – from Ascension With Earth .com – November 2015


Christine Lagarde Quoted From Davos World Economic Forum



The following audio has been edited for intel and educational portions

from a conference call put out by Landa China Global

on November 25, 2015.

The original audio file can be found at this link here,

which is a 2 houraudio file.

I have edited and produced a 32 minute highlight call for your

convenience.  You may download and listen to the MP3 highlights at this

link here …..


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Topics of Interest Regarding The Global Currency Reset:

  • TRN – Treasury Reserve Note (New USA Currency is Asset Backed)
  • New Financial System using the Babylon 2 software
  • First Basket of Currencies To be Revalued
  • Shifting from Fiat Currency to Asset Backed Currency
  • Public VS Private & “Internet Group”
  • Currency Exchange Timelines
  • Historical Bonds & Significance to the GCR
  • Humanitarian Programs
  • Background Information Regarding Arrests on Cabal members who were stealing sovereign bonds.
  • Here is the report that Doug Jones from Landa Global mentioned in the conference call……




Please take the time to read all of this. Our lives on Mother Earth are about to get much more humane with this new financial system.  We are all One Humanity, One People   –   United in God, in Love, in Unity Consciousness.  Please study and begin to Dream  big dreams for Gaia and our Beautiful People.

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