Garrith Lamanov – Your Star Sisters and Brothers Await You – El Melchizedek – 11-1-15


Garrith Lamanov   –   El Melchizedek  –   11-1-15



Inner peace is the true liberation of being, where only through this means of being outer peace then becomes possible.

It is not so important what is happening outside of you; the truth of your being is never dependent on outer conditions, but more on your inner openness and balance.


Global contact with who we are of the Angelic Realms of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Light is upon humanity in this Now.

You will continue seeing more of our scout ships appearing in their numbers within your skies during this magnanimous event unfolding toward world peace for all on this planet. As this happens, we ask that you inform your loved ones of what is about to take place and what is taking place in this Now within your world. Urge them and others that there is absolutely no need to fear, for we are your loving brothers and sisters from neighboring worlds near this cluster of stars known as the Milky Way Galaxy.

We have our mother ships positioned within your solar system which will not enter your atmosphere, as we do not want to cause fear in which these range from 500 to 800 miles long and 500 miles wide in diameter. These are occupied with inhabitants from all over the multiverse; mostly from within this universe, who are humanoid in nature, some with physical features similar to humans and some different in their physical genetic makeup, all preparing to meet humanity for first contact in this Now.


Let go of fear, and embrace your love.
Holding onto fear is never helpful when raising your frequency, intending to expand your growth in consciousness, as fear is the energy that contracts… which doesn’t allow you to grow… keeping you in bondage and stuck in the limitations of mind. This creates a vicious repetitive cycle of distorted patterns in which separation strengthens itself and therefore manifests more fear within the mind.

It is always unconditional love that allows for an expansion of your growth in consciousness to blossom in a graceful way, with ease; therefore allowing your frequency to expand within higher states of awareness in divine speed through your ability to cultivate and maintain this pure essence within where you are always experiencing your love as source.

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