Sophia Love – a Hathor – by Rose Rambles .org – 11-27-15



Sophia – a Hathor   –   by Rose Rambles .org   –   11-27-15


What a great article from Sophia, the telepathic empath, that makes me realize…it’s all about us! About us as individuals who MUST be in LOVE with ourselves. That’s in LOVE with the one your mother thought would never be “good” enough, or the one who seemed to “fail” while others were expecting something else.

It’s time for ALL of us to know WHO WE ARE and LOVE that unique individual. Look at the perfection of you, in you, and around you that no one else will see…but you know your perfection! All around this world is chaos, but inside you are content and stable because deep inside, you know your truth. So…rise up, raise your head high and acknowledge your divinity, and…


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The conversation below took place between September 25th and 28th, 2015. It was around two topics, which I guess was actually a single topic – the humongous wave of love energy coming in and the response to it that was experienced personally.  It was quite an intense two months for this particular body and life. In sharing it here, it is my hope that you will be assisted with your own process…
I am a telepathic empath and just about every day I tap in and there is someone on the line, ready with something to say. This is a sort of “soft disclosure” as we talk about their world, their society and their physical form. 
Before connecting I make several declarations, including “Highest and Best for all concerned. Complete and absolute truth only.  Just love. Pure love. For assistance only.”  Then I see who shows up. This is verbatim. I hope you enjoy it!
This conversation took place over four days, 

September 25

th to the 28
th, 2015.
“So can someone tell me about this energy?”
Please do.
The fabric of your world is being rent in two – this is felt and dealt in each individual – control vs. freedom.
The place has been prepared and can now be
Now be what?
Now be occupied by the energy of love.  It will be disruptive at first and for some time.  Then, as the new levels adjust, there will be peace in your breathing and from within,  your world will be turned around.  It starts with you.  Begins inside each of you.
This energy enters like a steamroller, sort of rolls over everything and makes it all equal.  What has to happen is a starting point.
Everyone must be taken off guard, and not be able to stand so idly still in one place, holding their ground.  What this means is that you are all knocked off balance.
What happens when you are knocked off balance is you grab onto the first thing…
I was interrupted here and continued this the next day.
Who is it that I am feeling?  There is an overwhelming warmth.
It is the exuberance you experience as warmth.  I am so very excited to be in contact!  To having felt your recognition of my energy!
It seems to be receding a bit, traveling upward and beyond I suppose?
Oh, I am here.  What you felt was an initial surge of me.  There is much to say to you today.
Let’s get started then.  Please introduce yourself.
Yes.  I am a Hathor –
you have heard the term and read some of what it is we are saying to others, Tom in particular.(Tom Kenyon)
I am of the group, but not precisely the group in contact with Tom.
Yes, okay.  What is it you wish to convey?
You’ve felt the wave in a very concrete way recently, the wave of energy that encompasses your earth.  You’ve seen its effects on a personal and local scale.  Now you are ready to hear in greater detail how to operate while it is flowing, in order to maximize its available assistance.  Please talk about how it looks and feels for you now.
Personally, I am experiencing numerous simultaneous health crisis’s.  Alarming, confusing and unexpected.  
I witness children each day and this week they are acting in ways unexpected and seemingly beyond their control.  It looks to me like a response to energetic shifts.  The adults I see are either staunchly hanging on to the old or throwing up their hands in surrender or verrryyy crabby.  For everyone – its moving very fast.
Thank you.
I’d like to discuss some ideas that may help you to operate successfully in your life during this more intense influx of what can be called love.  As the boundaries are removed the earth and her people get the full force of the wave.
This wave will carry things in with it and drag things out.  Think about waves on the beach.  The shoreline changes with everyone.
It is useless to attempt to hold still – the wave reaches everyone, everywhere.  What you do while it surrounds you and pulls you with it exposes who you are, displays what you are.  No one escapes the wave or its force.
In your case, there is much hidden beneath the surface that will be flushed out.  Your response of desiring to greater control your diet is interesting because in this it is not control that will heal, but fluidity.  You will need to roll with it and keep moving – follow your inner guidance.
I feel more and different energy now.
Yes, others are joining us.
I am so hungry.
It is interesting that you choose hunger as a focus – not clear why you do this because your body is not actually experiencing it – but your mind.
What will be dealt with now for you are old hurts and injuries.  Flow is the only appropriate response as things move forward.  Flow with whatever shows up and deal with it.
Self-care must become primary.
Love must be put in a place of prominence.  Do things to support whatever systems in your life (that) you want to continue. These would be:
 Your love
 Your physical life
 Your home
 Your family
 Your work
 Your relationships
Do these things in concert with your everyday life.  You’ll see.  We’ll talk again.
Thank you.
 This personal conversation continued on and off during this time frame as my body and life worked to get synchronized.  A bit more came through the next day, September 27th, 2015. 
I was not told who was speaking, but as it applies to this transformative process, I will include it here.
You are struggling to maintain composure while your inside self-destructs.  Self-destruction is a necessary part of the process of ascension.
You harbor thoughts, ideas and notions that do not support a pure life of peace and unconditional love.
This love must be felt for you first and today it is not.
It is yourself you must like first.
It’s time to look within.
 Do not neglect self.
 Do not neglect self.
 Do not neglect self.
 Do not neglect self.
I will go now.
Yes.  Goodbye then, and good luck.
And a bit more on the 28th of September.  Once again, the conversation was related to this facet of the ascension process.
See now the reality of what is you.  See now the reflected pain…You want what you will not give yourself.
This is your deepest hurdle – which sounds impossible on purpose – you have skated through these years without addressing things – parts of you causing discomfort.
Now, by calling forth Presence, you are seeing all that you bring to the table.  These are parts of your ego self that remain floating out there.
You came this time to move past judgment.  This is your final judgment.  The judgment of self.
You have to let go of your reflections on any other, and move your focus to the center, to you.
It is yourself whom you don’t trust.
You are re-feeling every deficit from ancient, ancient times.  It is this you must release if you are to move forward – to ascend, to reach full awareness, enlightenment.
As you expect to be disappointed, you are.  There are no mistakes or random events.
You want to deal with this.  You are being given the opportunity to deal – all that you most desire is available within – as you embody love, it becomes your life.
As you relate to mistrust and fear that also then becomes your everyday experience.
In order to move past fear you have to embody it.  In order to move past mistrust and blame and judgment, you have to embody it.
This uncomfortableness is part of it – is all of it.
I must go.
The conversation ended.
This was an intense time, with energies off the chart.  This physical vehicle was demanding that I deal with her.  Simultaneously I intended to integrate all the parts that I am. The reference above to “Presence” is referencing a Michael Brown book I was immersed in.  Timing was perfect.
This resulted, at first with a sort of silent shouting in protest; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Two months later, I would be tempted to call it a “dark night of the soul” sort of event. 
Ascension is not for sissies.  😉
A perfect collection of lyrics for what we do… this is why we are here now…
Rise Up
Rise Up

Stop – New! – (how they tell you in Ontario, Canada)

(wouldn’t it be great if we all had these for any changes on our journey?)
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