Laurie Teitelbaum – To the Divine Light, in Myself and Every Being – 11-24-15

To the Divine Light, in Myself and Every Being


By Laurie Teitelbaum, Heaven Now, October 6, 2015

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I request and invite our light to radiate purely and completely. Let it purify and help everyone, both physical and non-physical, to manifest into their most divine and magnificent states.

With this light, open our eyes to see who we truly are. To see ourselves and all others in our true highest and most glorious divine forms.

With this light, purify every cell of every being so all shadows are dissipated, allowing our true selves to shine in unbounded joy and fulfillment.

Illuminate our flame of unconditional love to radiate purely and infinitely, to everyone without exception, especially to ourselves.

With this light, spark our true and perfect, divine faith, the faith of our most revered masters, which is bequeathed to all of us. Faith which comes from direct knowing allows everything desired. No miracle is too big or too small for pure beings of this faith.

With these gifts, allow us perfect well-being of body, mind and spirit. This is for all, without exception, which means an end to all suffering, judgment, pain of any kind, and anything not worthy of divine beings.

With sincere appreciation and joy we request for this to occur naturally and easily, now or as soon as possible. Not one soul left behind.


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