Simon Parkes Newletter – Nov. 2015

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The effects of the Paris atrocities felt throughout the world, and no greater than with the relatives and friends of the murdered people, serve as a warning to the intent of world psychopaths.  I totally accept that those that committed the atrocities had a religious/fundamental agenda but who was in their minds? Who was manipulating them? I do not for one moment believe that they were aware of the important planetary alignment at the very moment they started the terrible crimes.  The situation in Paris was one big sacrifice designed to release traumatic energy which combined with the hadron collider at full power might well have removed humanity from its connection to source.  I know when I have said this previously some have laughed saying that no force can break our connection to the creator.  But do we really want to put that to the test?



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  1. We know that it was a planned drill with a question if anyone was even hurt at all, much less died. However, from what I understand, the energy exchange of putting it out there on teevee was almost as important as whether or not anyone actually died. I did hear that they failed, it just surprises me that enough people didn’t see through the ruse and that it created so much negative energy because of that.


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