Lord Sananda – Earth, Our Holy Land – The New Earth Times, #39 – 11-22-15

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What a fascinating time it is.  Here in the higher dimensions, we are working at our full-out capacity, carrying through each surge you make, like a well-practiced volley ball team:  You serve, others try to control the ball, but when they volley, we leap and stretch to keep the ball in play until we can score and celebrate together.  It has been an energetic game of back and forth, with the dark ones trying every dirty trick they have developed over the past centuries, while we play with good will, intelligence and cooperative energy that far surpasses anything they can muster.  Nevertheless, it is necessary to play out these last phases of the dark ages on Earth, for many reasons.
The most important reason for documenting every move, every counter-move and every nefarious action on the part of the dark ones is to have the complete record of the final moments of this transition, and to be able to share the information with others for eons to come.  As George Santayana so famously stated, “”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  It is our responsibility, as Galactic beings working on the edges of Creation, to create new worlds and new ways of resolving the ancient questions about good and evil, to think deeply and sincerely about our philosophies, our actions and our history.
You see, our recording of history in higher dimensions is far more accurate and complete than anything you have known on Surface Earth, where history is written by the ones who win wars.  There are no books or media resources available to you that tell the true story of the origins of Earth humanity such as the way the dark was able to infiltrate and finally take control of Earth’s developing civilization in this era, the part we all played in its evolution, and the decision to join in this all-out effort to bring our beloved Terra back from the depths of danger and destruction.
I will tell you now that my beloved Kathryn and I believed that our life as Jesus and Mary Magdalene was to be the turning point, the uplifting energy that would mark the energy shift which would begin the New Golden Age.  All of the Company of Heaven believed this project would indeed provide the turing point. That project involved all the Masters you are familiar with, as well as most of you who are reading this message.  You are beginning to remember the part you played in bringing Light to the communities of the Holy Lands.  It is called the Holy Land because of the great influx of Light we brought together, all of us, at that time.  Unfortunately, we were not able to reach the tipping point because of the simultaneous influx of dark invaders who rewrote the story of our lives during those times.  We are now rewriting once more to bring back the triumph of Light and Love we began then.
We have told you of the mentors who are to come and teach you of the truth of your origins and your many lifetimes on Earth, of the fascinating story of your galaxy, your solar system, and your beloved Blue Planet.  As you move quickly toward the time when Landings by our Galactic Brothers and Sisters will become possible, we are here to begin that process, giving you parts of the puzzle, building on what you have learned, and helping you to open your consciousness for the great enlightenment that is to come.
It would not have been possible to make this transition much faster in this era, since the entire structure of life on Earth had to be rebuilt, in order to avoid chaos and painful disruption for the population who are not consciously aware of the great shift taking place around them.  You have all felt the uplifting energies being sent to you from Mother and Father God, though, haven’t you?  It is helping everyone to open their consciousness, to begin to think differently about absolutely everything you have known, with a newly expansive acceptance.  Nothing is what you have believed; nothing will remain of the structure you were used to.  All is growing, expanding and brightening, like the blossoming of the great Flower of Life that was intended to shape your experience as a maturing Galactic race.
You, our beautiful family of Light, have been the heartbeat, the energy and the Loving intention that carries us forward into the New Golden Age.  In your human bodies and in your higher dimensional selves, you are uniting with us, awakening with us in every dimension to bring through the glorious plan we have envisioned so earnestly for thousands of years.  Yes, we will prevail.
Think of it, Brothers and Sisters.  We will prevail!  We will triumph through compassion, not through battle.  We will prevail by the strength of our Love, not by murdering our opponents, as they would murder us.
We will begin again, with Love on our side, in the spirit and form of our Mother and Father God.  It is our time, our Life, our dedication and our Love that will create a new “Slip-stream,” as Father God has called it (Show Link Below).  We will leave behind the thoughts and memories of suffering, and we will prevail through the will of our God-selves and the fire of our own individual life force, joined with the will and sacred life force of all.  We will transcend the heavy and difficult time we have lived together, to walk finally into the Light of our great Central Sun, our Mother and Father God.  They stand ready now to embrace every single soul, every one, no matter how far they may have ranged, to be restored finally into the family of Love that is our true Home.
Now, it is for us to open our hearts, to leave behind the sting and the resentments of past injuries, to walk together arm-in-arm into the Light we are creating ourselves, in the joy of our companionship and Love.  We create our world, beloved Brother and Sisters.  Let us create the most glorious and triumphant world we can imagine.

I am here with you in Love, in dedication to our vision of New Life.
I am your Sananda.
Live BlogTalk Show 11/18/15 : LINK “Hear Ye, Hear Ye – AAMichael, St. Germain, Ashtar, Sananda, TL, Father God!”

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, November 22, 2015

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