Karen Dover – Expansion in new Dimensional Realities – 11-23-15

Karen Dover


We have been taught and repeatedly manipulated into believing that our outer waking reality is “solid” and that it cannot be changed without mass input from our fellow human beings.  This is not TRUTH, reality is but a reflection of the frequencies that run at cellular level within a human vehicle. It is not TRUTH for example to believe that anyone other than you can access the reality that you are experiencing. It may APPEAR to be so but it is not TRUTH, the only person in the entire human race who can feel in the exactly the same way that you do is you, no one else.  Each human vehicle is distinct and unique as is the way that we ALLOW ourselves to experience the frequencies that we then decode through, around and within our human vehicle.

There are many people who believe for example that only those who are “aware” of their energy systems can interpret frequency, this false teaching simply triggers the division frequencies that are laid down at a cellular level within the entire human race.  It is not TRUTH to believe that there are sections of the human race that are “asleep” or “awake” for this again triggers the division, ALL human beings whether they are “aware” or not of their energy system are being affected and are undergoing deep transformation at this time. This is not evolution of only sections of the human race that we are entering into, it is evolution of species, ALL who have incarnated into human form are therefore undergoing the changes that are happening from cellular level outward to the human vehicle.

This sees vast expansion in the way in which our human vehicle can both interpret and understand reality.  There are many false teachings that seek to push us back into our human logical mind by trying to teach that it is what we believe that we experience, nothing is further from TRUTH, it is what we ALLOW ourselves to EXPERIENCE that births the understanding that we then achieve through the experience.  (This is expanded upon within the 40 days podcast series, please click here to subscribe).

The human race has simply walked around in circles pulled into believing any expansion has ever taken place by the illusion that is presented through the changing of fashion, through the changing of appearance etc. Human behavior has simply been manipulated and hidden from the human race, take a human being out of their “known” reality and they will attempt at all moments to recreate the exact same reality through their behavior.  This has remained hidden to the human race until this pivot point,  the outer waking chaos that is shown to the human race is the chaos that has ALWAYS been there, created by the old earth construct and hidden through the optical illusion it presented as some sort of structure.

As these constructs begin to dissolve and to disintegrate there are many within the human race who will actively begin to try to RECONSTRUCT in order to satisfy the human logical mind which DEMANDS structure through the very intense and hidden teachings of the old earth construct. REALITY is not perception, reality is the interpretation of frequency.  The only reason that the human race were pulled into the optical illusion that is “same” or “shared” is that the frequency that was available was within a certain bandwidth and was the ONLY frequency that was available.

This is now fully negated and the ability to navigate reality is now moving into full expansion through the evolution process. This sees the human race move out of mind centered living into TRUTH which is beyond logic and reason.  Again this will trigger those who have adopted and allowed the human logical mind to take front seat in the human life experience. This next phase of the evolution process will be challenging for those who default repeatedly to human logic and mind centered interpretation as this is now no longer support by the frequencies that are available. Many are in full panic mode at this time as the human logical mind is trying to hold on to a structure that is not TRUTH and is not in harmony with wider creation.

We are asked to allow the next phase of this process to flow and to understand that at times it may feel as if all is disintegrating but that is simply the human mind trying to remain in the drivers seat. We are here in our human form to harmonize and integrate with wider creation, it already exists, we do not have to create it, we simply have to allow it to flow.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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