Ibrahim Hassan – Ascension Timelines – The Event Update


Published on Nov 17, 2015

Shed light on: The collective consciousness / The new timeline possibilities / The ascension process / The Event
This webinar is presented by: Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan & Blue Solara…
Date of webinar: 15Th of Nov. 2015
Time: From 14:00 GMT – 16:30 GMT
Duration: 2:30h.
In this webinar, we will address the following topics:
* The factors that support the collective consciousness on earth…
* The decisions that been taken by Gaia (Mother earth) in 12th of Oct. 2015…
* The Collective Consciousness and its effect on the New TimeLine!!
* The natural ascension people and their plan…

* The effect of the collective consciousness on the possibilities of the New Timeline in the following aspects:
• Blue pulse & The Event…
• The MPR
• The plan of ascension
• The scenarios of the ascension
• Classifying people on their dimensions!!
* The event and its origin plan…
* The implants in our energetic systems and its effect on the ascension…

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