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I spent so many years explaining the First Ascension Wave between 2007-2011, that I totally forgot that we are now finally entering the Crest of that Wave. The Mid Point of the Ascension Wave was originally 2017, but it has been moved forward several months because of all of the work our Guardians did to re-align Earth into a new future probability. So, Jelina,( I’m still responding to Jelina’s dream- attached below) it is obvious that your dream of riding the wave was to remind us of the Ascension Wave that we are entering.

What is interesting about the First Ascension Wave, that is about to peak and move into 2022, when the Wave was due to end, is the Guardians did a special arrangement to make sure that time period extended long beyond the 2022 of the original plan. The original Ascension Wave would had pushed us into direct alignment with Harmonic Universe 2, which is a completion of a 45 degree angle. However, if that Wave were permitted, there would had been a very large part of the population that would not had survived such a great shift.

So, the Guardians arranged a temporary shift into that 45 degree alignment with harmonic universe two, sixth density and then reprocess the alignment into a 23.5 angle that would align Earth with Inner Earth Agartha as the Bridge Zone into the complete alignment with Sun Alcyone, Pleiades and the Aquari Matrix of Reality. This Bridge Zone is within the Cloud Cities. We are already in this process of merging into the Cloud Cities and into Agartha. Looking at Jelina’s dream shows this Wave into the 45 degree angle that would cause us to fall being realigned to the 23.5 back up plan of the Ascension Wave that will allow two thirds more of our population to ascend beyond the mortality loop into the ascension patterns of the 12 coded human angelic race line.

When Earth and Tara come into full alignment at the half point of the cycle, which was originally 2017. The Crest of the morphogenetic wave FULLY CRESTS about 5 years before the half point– that was 2012. ( A morphogentic wave is created by all of the anti particles of Tara merging into the particles of Earth– or spiritual merging into oneness with physical). During the five years of the crest of the wave, the Earth’s overtone particles and Taras base tone anti particles fully transmute into the morphogenetic fields.

As Earth’s over tones are suspended in hyperspace and the dimensional base tones in Earth’s grids blend with harmonic universe two- Tara- a harmonic resonant tone is formed. This harmonic resonance causes Earth to shift 45 degrees. That tilt is happening within the Liquid Light Chambers of Inner Earth. This is why science knows something is happening within the Earth, but the can not see it. This explains why your dream would contain the Waves, representing Ascension Wave and the Water- because the shifting is going on the Liquid Light within the Crust of the Earth. I also think this has something to do with Space ship that landed in your drive way. I think there was an Earth quake within the Vortex of the Earth to allow the Space Ship to pass through the Liquid Light and into the Vortex of the Star Gate Chamber. It also says a great deal about where you are in your Ascension Wave process of merging your spiritual into the physical, which shows you are ready to see the other side of reality. Which means being able to see the Cloud Cities and Agartha. Hi Crystalai, I have a question for you..

Last night I had this strange “dream”. I dreamed that my husband and I were out in the ocean riding big waves. Suddenly this HUGE wave appeared and so we swam over to it and got on the crest. we rode the wave for some time and then without warning the wave crashed and I fell – what felt like a long way back down to the ocean. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach when a carnival ride suddenly drops and you feel yourself falling through the air and coming down to earth. The thing that i remember most about this “dream” was the feeling of falling.. it was intense. My friend also had a “dream” last night of being in an earthquake and all of a sudden the floor fell out from under her feet and she fell also. We compared notes this morning and the thing that we both were aware of was the sensation of falling. I had a thought of being taken to a ship last night and then the falling sensation was when our bodies were returned?? Or perhaps our consciousness being returned to our bodies..?

What do information do you have about this experience? have you ever had this sensation? thank you… Hugs always, Jelina Dear Jelina, I’ve had those dreams several years ago. In my case, those dreams meant that I had not crossed the rainbow bridge yet. My dreams indicated fear of crossing the bridge, and yet the angels kept helping me cross. I have a feeling your dream has something to do with you having one foot in real water and one foot in spiritual water- liquid light energy. Which means moving from gravity into anti gravity.

So, it is kind of like the rainbow bridge dream that I had, except you are being helped through the change of water into hydrolaise– H2O2HE3. This shows that you are trying to walk on water, but you don’t realize it is really hydrolaise. You can walk and breath and swim in hydrolaise, but if you woke up and thought you were still in water, you would change back to a lower frequency and fall through the water because it is a different frequency. This would also definitely have something to do with getting on a space ship. In order to get to the Plasma Ship you must keep your Consciousness in the frequencies of the pre plasma, which is the liquid light – hydrolaise. We must truly SWIM on to a space ship. You may have been swimming to a space ship and just woke up and fell back into bed. Or you were on the space ship and when they returned you to your bed you thought you had fallen.

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