Heavenletter #5472 – Love Your Life – Gloria Wendroff – 11-18-15

Gloria Wendroff

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff

November 17, 2015

God said:

The unseen mechanisms of life work for your good. You and I do not always agree what is worthwhile. Do your dreams have to come true by your order of command? If they do, if by your say I have to jump to please you, if I have to follow your decree, what kind of God would I be? I would be your Yes-God and stooge always at your beck and call.

The fact is that I am always alert to you, yet I am not at your command. If you knew as much as I do, then Our Will in all matters would be One. If you could see your life from the long haul, you might well not be so eager to have Me at your command. You might even say:

“Thank You, God, for countermanding my will. I thought I knew. I was sure I knew, and I was mistaken. My view was short-sided. I was not able to follow Your Vision because I don’t yet see far enough, and I tend to think that what I see is all there is to see. I am not just mistaken, dear God. I am sadly mistaken.

“I do not see, for instance, what is the good of my being without a home or money or family. God, who on Earth would want to lose the love of his life, be short of cash, or lonely?”

My dear Ones, you state your position very well. Something that the world uniformly sees as unwanted may be for your benefit, however. You don’t see how. You can’t see how. With longer vision, you might. There is greater than all that you presently dream of. There are greater blessings than you dream of. There is a greater perspective than you recognize at present.

No one wants heartbreak, yet even from heartache you grow. I don’t say to go out and look for hard times. Oh, no, look for joy. Yet when what you see as woe comes along, look for something good in it in the long term. I swear to you that good is there.

Your life on Earth does not have to confirm to the world’s vision of it.

You think that if only you had this or that, you would be happy. You must be aware that there are many who have what you desire, and they may well not be happy. Nothing of itself brings you happiness. You have to recognize your own happiness. You have to cognize it. Like miracles, you have to allow your happiness to swab its own deck. You have to allow. Declare own declaration of independence and happiness.

You don’t seem to have inhibitions against declaring your unhappiness. You know the weight of unhappiness very well. You oppose it, and still you may contribute to it. You see every detail of it. You work unhappiness to the bone. Let go of this unhappiness and take in your happiness. Love your life. Be happy to be alive and gather rosebuds while you may.

You are a translator for your life. Translate your life differently for a change. Uphold your life. Be its champion. Life has its twists and turns. Describe your life in a different use of terms.

Remind yourself that life is a Holy Enterprise, and life is made of heroes and heroines. I see you differently from how you see yourself. What if what I see is more true than what you see? What if you have been missing out on your blessings? You are so familiar with yourself that you may not see your own light. Start noticing your light. If you want the world to be different, begin by seeing yourself differently. You can pull yourself up, or you can pull yourself down. Whichever you choose, you are also configuring the world. Love yourself, and you uplift the world, the same world you may disparage now.


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