LISA GAWLES – Destruction Underway as The New Creation of Our Lives Inlays – 11-10-15

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creation and distruction


LISA  GAWLES   –   Destruction Underway as The New Creation of Our Lives Inlays   –   11-10-15


Creation and destruction, one and the same energy.  Every new beginning comes from the destruction of something old, something released in our lives, in our world and serves as the fuel for something new.  So too, does the energy system of our lives.  It took me a while to fully understand what I was witnessing yesterday, but once I did, I felt beyond privileged, in awe really, humbled to the core to witness this amazing time in our evolution.

I woke up really late yesterday, it was well after 6:30am, too late to even start a blog, not to mention the wiring in my brain was feeling a bit stuck together.  I assumed, way too much sleep.  My first thought went to the readings and I was able to shift my vision to the field itself, all I could see is what looked like a major snow storm underway, I instantly thought about the energy, excuse me, the “avalanche” of light happening on the 11th, this must be the precursor.  Now I am nervous about how the readings will unfold, nor not unfold.  For days now, we have been able to see consistently… shhhhhh… I don’t even want to think that thought even to myself.

My first lady showed up, the light was too bright to see thru and once again, it permeated into my house, emanating its silvery glow in front of my head.  But this time, it wasn’t white light, it was that same reflective coloring as the long shard thingie that blocked our view for a few days.  Pure energy from spirit, reflective in its release.  Of course, I didn’t realize any of this until later in the day, I was busy bitching about not being able to see thru the light.  Same happened with my next connection.

My third lady tho, she freakin baffled me to the core.  I actually seen the field thru her, but not like I was hoping or dare I even say… expecting!!  Everything was in gray-scale, even the field itself was reduced to simple line drawings.  It kinda reminded me of when my central eye started to open, all I could see were simple line (pencil like) drawings.  The biggest confusion with what I was seeing thru her, was the fact that she was waist deep beneath the ground level of the accelerated earth and her bottom half dangled in the filtered earth.  I have read for this lady for years, I know she does not reside within the filtered earth at all.  Yet, my hearing and my feeling centers, crucial communication centers of understanding, must have been in the snow storm, neither worked.  Sometimes (a lot of time really) I crack myself up, I started bitching about being able to see (when the last two connections I was bitching about not being able to see, can’t make me happy lol.)  But really, why turn on the TV if there is no sound or understanding of what we are seeing???!!!!

My next reading, everything started to go nova.  Before I even connected to my lady, I could see the field itself, blowing up.  Exploding into pieces.  WTF????????

That explosion must have taken my voice with it, because by the time my last appointment rolled around, I lost my voice.  There is nothing more bizarre to be able to talk (and bitch) freely all day long, then at 1 in the afternoon, I got to say hi and I leave out wind instead of words.  Again, no sore throat, not gradual loss of sound, just one moment I am talking the next moment I am breathing deep to be any sort of audible.

Sometime during this crazy day I call yesterday, someone posted a video on my facebook about a CME.  Really??  I head to and sure enough they posted: BROKEN QUIET: So much for the “quiet sun.” Confounding predictions, sunspot AR2449 erupted on Nov. 9th at 1312 UT, producing an M3-class solar flare and a bright CME.

Yeah, that broken quiet just oblivated the field and my freakin voice.

As I sat and pouted after my last appointment, the rest of the story was revealed, the pouting turned to awe and reverence.

The release of this 11-11 energy is currently underway.  In order for everything to be set into live energy, it must first be pulled up, coated, then relaid back into its working position.  Think of it as the time when a farmer goes to plant new seeds, he must till the soil, make it fresh and ready for the new season of life about to be planted.  We too, are being tilled and replanted, stronger than ever before.

I suppose we can look at the time of the 12th thru the 28th as the germination period.  What are you bringing to life within your life??  You are the owners of all the codes, all the miraculous energy that ever was and ever will be and it is on you what you shall grow from it all.  Equally, I now fully understand the reason why I can see these two date lines as connecting points, but nothing at all between them.  YOU/WE are deciding what becomes germinated and what we share see and understand together.

Like a farmer who uses so many tools to get the job done, so do we.  We call those tools, the universe, which includes, each other.  You give me vital pieces of the puzzle by your presence.  The sun explodes and it is reflected on the field.  I breath the new story in via you and my voice explodes to hold the new energies underway.  We are all intricate in the tapestry of evolution by everything we think, do or say.

My lady suspended between the accelerated earth and the filtered earth… shows how much we affect the greater all.  Our feet, the flow of Source energy from our crowns down thru the feet, thru the earth, touches all life, whether we participate directly with that field, or not.  With that thought, we are equally upgrading or downgrading our Source energy with all we do.  (Just feel in with that for a long moment.)

Source, god, creator, whatever we call that Source of All Creation (smile) never withholds any of it energy from anyone.  However, one must equally be aligned with that energy of love to fully use it for all its worth.  When spirit says we have unrestricted access to all energy, for all creation, there is a little “but” that comes with it.  Unconditional, non-judgemental Love, energy.  Anything less than that weakens the field of (one’s personal) creation energy.

As I woke up way early this morning (yippie lol) I am still without voice, dammit, but I feel great, I realized there was a storm warning on my phone.  When I clicked on it to see whats coming my way I had to smile so big, because it really is reflective of this amazing, changing moment of time we are all in.  I also must mention, the current temp here is 33 degrees F (smile.)

There is a “wind advisory” in affect from 1pm today thru 1pm tomorrow.  Do you see that???  1-1  This advisory is for the Jemez and the Sangre de Cristo (which is spanish for “Blood of Christ”) mountains.  It goes on to say that the wind direct will be out of the Southwest, then shift out of the west and northwest… strong crosswinds will affect the north and south oriented roads.

Lets look at the winds of change, the energy of creation.  Kryon talks a lot about the “winds of birth” as we became incarnated.  We are now in the throws of the winds of (re)birth while incarnated!!  The West, pure unlimited energy potential.  Everything we have ever experienced and everything we want to experience that was never done before, all this potential resides in the west field (in my readings, of course.)  North, future, south, past.  The trinity of it all, north, west, south.  When the three come together and participate, the only place left is east, new beginnings, new growth.

The winds of change are blowing thru the blood (life) of all the christed energy everywhere.  Destroying and Creating at the same time.  Think of how the sperm and ova are completely destroyed thru the penetration process to become something brand new… a me and you!!  Lets look at what is happening via Comet Encke this year, again, from “Earth runs unto the debris zone of Comet Encke every year around this time. Usually, the encounter produces a minor meteor shower, but 2015 is different. By some measures, fireball rates are 10x higher than normal. The extra fireballs are coming from a “swarm” of gravelly meteoroids that weaves in and out of Comet Encke’s dusty debris zone. In most years, Earth misses the swarm. This year, however, is a hit.”  I go back to the visual of the lady who’s entire upper biosphere was being pummeled, changed by the meteorites.  Impregnation underway!! 😀

I guess that is where we are ending for today, spirit just pulled back its flow of energy.  I know that signal all to well lol.  It is going to be interesting to see what, if anything, is revealed today, be it thru a reading or conversation (should I have enough voice to conversate lol.)

Big big (((HUGZ))) of unconditional power to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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