by the 12th road – activating infinity – 11-11-15

portal opening*

by the 12th road   –   activating infinity  –   11-11-15


Today is 11:11, the Freedom Portal, the opening to all things greater than the time matrix illusion we have existed in.

So what better day to activate my energy to knowing I can connect with everything that’s there for me. I can do and be everything that’s been shown to me.

I can move beyond where I am and into something far greater than I could ever imagine.

What better day to begin this daily practice of feeling how exquisite life can be in the new realm of infinite possibilities. Where my energy openly and willingly accepts change, expansion and growth in every possible way.

Where I can say thank you to every experience I have ever had that has led me to this very point. Where I can see the value in everything, understand the importance of everything and hold genuine gratitude for every single life experience that has come my way.

For knowing that life has led me here to this very day for one reason only, to activate every cell in every part of my body to the frequency of infinity.

To open and expand my perceptions to enable the invisible to become visible, to create and make manifest anything I can dream of.

To broaden my acceptance of what is real and what is not. Of understanding the truth that is magnified each and every day through the benevolent assistance of our spiritual guides and teachers.

What better day to release myself, to break free from the shackles of restriction and limitation and openly embrace the magnetic energy of the divine.

What better day to say yes to the gifts of magic, to align with my divine path and hold space open to receive what is needed to create it.

What better day to believe in myself and all that I’ve come to be. To know that from this day on, life will change, all will change. It is written so.

I have known this all along. I have felt it in my deepest heart of hearts. That is why I am on this journey of transformational change. That is why I keep doing what I am doing.

I know anything is possible and today I activate that within me.

I create everything. I am part of the cosmic creation that comes forth when I allow my energy pattern to become coherent.

I am a spark of the divine and when that energy is expressed in complete balance, I am free to be all that I came here to be.

Souls are an orchestra of sound. That sound emanates from our hearts and streams throughout time. When we synchronize with our sound, we create the natural tune of our own abundant harmonics.

Tune in and know it to be so.

Magic is created when we resonate with the sound of our soul and it is in the power of these words that I truly begin to understand the magnitude of what that means.


the 12th road

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