SOPHIA LOVE – Open Your Eyes – This Ascension – 11-6-15


It is not that you are un-ascended or not enlightened.  Even words like expansion are misnomers for what you are feeling right now.

The primary thing to realize is that all of this already exists.  It is like the seed holding within it what’s to become the magnificent, towering oak tree.  Yet it’s beyond that, for the seed holds a very specific blueprint, for a single tree.

YOU are the entirety of creation.  It is by choice that you express yourself now as human.  We are speaking now of pure potential.  You are, you know, you be, everything.

You do not “need” anything specific to ascend.  Your only task is to locate your ascended self and allow her to be.

There is no difference in creation.  It is One. It is all.

This is potential.  No adjectives or further descriptions can define what it is that you are.
Your potential is realized.  Open your eyes – this is ascension.

Imagination is the stuff of creation.  It sees the form within the formless and the formless within the form.  It knows.

When every expression of life is self and every expression of self is accepted, there is agape.  This becomes then, all that is.

The “process” of ascension happens differently in every case because all possibilities are realized uniquely and at once.

These words sound like riddles, even ridiculous… because there are no words yet for ascension – you haven’t made them.

Yet you have. You will, you do, discover what you seek.  This is the journey of life – seek and you shall find.  Always there is a seeking and as well, a finding.

Become your own spokesperson for truth.  Announce your knowing with confidence.

The balance between self and “other” is not reached in agreement.  It is realized in acceptance.

The journey is really taken by all, for all, and with all.  There are no solitary moments.

You are not born alone.  You emerge to embark on a self- chosen quest; an experience, an exploration, a fabrication, a moment of loneliness or loss or bitterness or untold “wealth” or mental agility or rigidity or “fame” or obscurity or illness or power or selfishness or ignorance or brilliance or beauty or deformity or self-destruction or joy.  And we are with you; watching, remembering, becoming again your mirrors.

These are not so much steps on a journey as instruments in a composition; all playing at once, all playing now.

Music software shows you each instrument as a line on the screen – you hear a note without realizing the many “different” parts.  It is not necessary to see the lines to appreciate the piece – yet they are there. And the composer chose each carefully and specifically – placing them precisely where he wanted – creating her song.

Ascension will be an “aha” moment – you’ll see each chosen instrument and realize they’ve been played with skill.  You will remember your technique and come to the fullness of your mastery.

Your knowing will change as a switch is turned on from its former “off” position.  What is happening with the flick of that switch is the power surges forth – no longer held back – and lights your way.  The power was there always, waiting for this moment of release.

There is an ease of ascension.  It’s like searching a dark room for a light, and then once found, noticing it was right there all along, within reach.

You will sense it, imagine it, and still not realize it until you allow it. This may feel odd; there are no directions or blueprints for this room.

I work with very young children and when we walk into certain hallways and places we tell them we are entering “Quiet-land”.  They know what to do there.

We are entering “Ascension-land”.  You know what to do here.  Keep your eyes and your heart wide open.  It’s full of surprises, all waiting for us to illuminate them.

Information is flooding in so rapidly all that I seem to want is sleep… It’s like nothing we’ve been told and is more in every way imagined.

Three nights ago I was out walking and, well, something happened.  It was like the earth shifted and then righted itself.  A palpable movement, like I was walking on a giant ball and it rolled forward and then back. Surreal.  Then, I could hear the crackles in my ears as what feels and looks to me like reality is forming before my eyes…

On my walks around the park, the lights go out as I approach…..   Not just one… many.
We will invent the words for this one… We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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Author: Higher Density Blog

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