Message from Kauilapele – Kp Message 11-6-15 – The Energies of Now


Message from Kauilapele   –   Kp Message 11-6-15   –   The Energies of Now


As I’ve put this off a bit from earlier in the day, I’m trying to allow “the Energies” to tell me what it was all supposed to be about (dammit!)…

I can mention that I am starting to get some of those “holiday” type notices, particularly from Costco, which talk (and drone on) about “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” with all the “Buy this and Buy that” implications that they carry with them. They are not for me. At least not anymore.

Holidays such as these are reminders to me that each and every day (moment) is a “holiday”… and that’s the only way I view it. The “Corporation Thanksgiving” and “Corporation Christmas” are not in my consciousness… at all.

People have the choice to celebrate, and enjoy their celebrations, but to my mind, there is only one moment to celebrate… the NOW one.

Overall, I sense a great “ramping up” has finished, and we are right before a major unfolding that has not happened for, well… never. Whatever it is, it seems to have been portended by the person I was just speaking with on the telephone seeing two shooting stars, one in the Orion constellation, while we were speaking. Pretty significant, in my view.

Then there was that GaiaPortal, which mentioned that “Hue-manity begins, in full. hu-manity admits defeat, and relinquishes the fantasy. Nova Gaia begins.” Something feels right on about that.

The challenges in the Middle East are being wrapped up by the likes of Russia, and many seem to going through a final phase of “facing up to the last dark bits” within themselves which have been waiting for this particular moment to be faced, and cleared.

We’ll see where all this ends up.

Personally, I feel on the Road of Light, finding my way by following that Light.

One moment at a time, we are there… Now.

Aloha, Kp

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