by Timewheel .net – Scientist Claims To Have Found Evidence Of Other Universes – 11-5-15

by Timewheel .net   –   Scientist Claims To Have Found Evidence Of Other Universes   –   11-5-15

From, October 31, 2015, Thanks to Collectively Conscious

The Astrophysical Journal was recently submitted a study that claims to have found evidence of another universe. By studying the cosmic microwave background, or CMB, there was an observation of interactions between our universe and another universe, if not ours and multiple other universes. The author of the study, Dr. Ranga Chary, writes “possibly be due to the collision of our universe with an alternate universe whose baryon to photon ratio is a factor of about 65 larger than ours.”

The cosmic microwave background is the first glimmer of light that emitted from the universe at its mysterious origins. Said to have begun 370,000 years after the “Big Bang”, the universe was cool enough for photons to move freely. There are several anomalies that are detectible in the CMB when observing the dense areas of activity.

When analyzing these areas Dr Chary from CalTech detected five cold spots of the CMB, seen as the blue areas in the above map. These areas were seen as more dense after the Big Bang. Chary claims that this observation alludes to a collision with a different universe.

This is not the first time that scientists have drawn conclusions about the CMB. Others who have studied this phenomena have claimed to have detected concentric anomalies which were consistent with the idea that the universe operates within infinite cycles. Other claims report that since the CMB looks the same from every region of the universe, it is an ideal place for aliens or divine beings to communicate with us.

No concrete answers to this theory have been accepted by the scientific community as of yet, but as we continue to prod into the depths of the universe we will continue to find unexplainable structures at work that may lead us to explore other forms of study, such as the study of consciousness as the origin of the universe.


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