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By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, November 1, 2015

Sure enough, things have changed and will continue to change in this amazing, crazy story we have embarked on. Up until yesterday, when I seen the biosphere it had always resembled a clear plastic dome, not no mo’.  Now it is emanating its own brilliant light, split down the middle (for now) in essence.  The right side (denotes future and more) the light is a stunning golden radiance.

The left side (denotes past and more)  is a thick white radiance.  Interestingly enough, the light itself changes or enhances the moment you become part of it.  Kind of like, before you arrive its is shining in all directions, just as light would.  The moment you arrive within it, it I don’t know, contracts itself maybe, becomes focused where you are at.

The light itself is aware of your presence (isn’t that the kewlest thing ever lol) and refocuses its energy, its stream, to assist you in what you are doing.  I do not understand much more than that, yet.  And I am pretty damn sure now, by the time I do understand it, we will shift again.

Yesterday was such an interesting, odd day in the field.  First of all, the last hour of writing my blog, the electricity in my house started flickering, going off completely for seconds, everything rebooting again and again.  The very moment I published my blog, it settled and didn’t flicker again at all.

I (eventually) realized, the power surges I was experiencing in my home had everything to do with the fact I was sharing, bringing in this higher field of energy thru the stories I was sharing.  Just on this blogsite alone, I have already put out over 1000 blogs, over a 1000 nuggets of understanding and never did it cause energy surges in my house.  But then again, nothing is the same as it ever was now.  WE are bringing this higher field of light, to life, to our created reality we call, Life.  When we share, however we do it, its like turning on light switches that can never be turned off again.  That’s a great thing, but it does affect our actual power grids here in our created world.  Equally, beyond the electricity we use, it affects the power grids in earth, in the air (read that to mean, storms, earth events) in people too!!  No-thing is left unaffected.

My first lady on the field yesterday really shined a light, a bigger revelation for all of us to fully understand.  I pray I can make this important messenger (my lady) and message understandable for all of us.

She showed up underneath the earth itself, underneath the upper domed biosphere.  It was dark and even seemed to be dripping dark under there.  There was what appeared to be a ladder with only the top three rungs visible and she was hanging onto the bottom rung trying to pull herself up.  As I was going into my usual melt down  (of what the hell is that) I instantly got a parallel with my son, with what I just wrote about and the things I have not in relationship to him.  So I had to ask her, your playing in the old, dualistic world and have been for the last week or so… what the hell you doing girl??  She thought a moment and then her light bulb went on, she is trying to get a second mortgage on her property and another property and has been for the last 2 weeks.  THAT’S IT!!  Stop it!! lol

Her team explained that by seeking money that way, it ties her to a system, bound in duality (and not the pretty side of duality) to a system that does not have her interest at heart but only their own.  There are other means of money available to her, and she needs to find what she needs up in her biosphere, looking in places she never thought to look.  Yes, she has homework to do!!

If we really think about what we are doing now, changing it all, one soul light at a time (together, that’s a shit ton of soul light) we must stop playing in the old, broken world and build the new even in our daily and long-term needs.  We must start where we can, and plow forward together.  All the while being blind folded lol.  Ha!!  Even as I type that sentence I hear no one is blindfolded if they do meditation, that is the greatest direct link with your source, with the new you will bring… ARE bringing in!!  So close your physical eyes and open your third one, you’re Centered one!!

Thru her reading, she was assured (and hopefully, you will be too) that the universal life force that IS, IS abundant and giving, but you are the one that must reach your hand (heart) out and ask for assistance.  The universe is also balanced, meaning it does not create excess or lack.  What you need is already here, your job is to ask for it and step into it, however that may unfold for you, for us.

Speaking of dripping darkness, my daughter called yesterday crying.  She got the news that they are going to keep her the full 30 days, it doesn’t matter that she is in there on a misdemeanor traffic violation, the fact that she missed a PO meeting/created a probation violation, she must serve all 30 days.  On top of that, it appears she must serve the 30 days in solitary confinement.   The paper work she was handed stated they will review her again on November 21st, meaning… they could decide she must do longer.

The banking system and the jails, not much different really.  They are there to serve their own interest, not yours, not ours.

We need to be each other’s well Being, the very source of hope that the old system is desperately trying to take away.  The good thing with all of this in regards to my daughter, the strength that had always been inside of her, for years, masked by xanax and methadone and other drugs, is now rising up to the surface, and she is even surprised at herself, more determined than ever to not let this bring her down to where she once was.  If you would like to just reach out your hand, your heart and write a letter of inspiration, of encouragement, of love her address is:

Valorie Gawlas #15-03399 Section F1
Western Tidewater Regional Jail
2402 Godwin Blvd, Suffolk, VA 23434

I am a huge fan of alone time, of Self time, but 24/7 without another soul to talk to except maybe (and emphasis on maybe) once a day when you have choice of calling someone or taking a shower.. she has been locked up since Oct 20th and has not showered yet.  She calls me instead.  She may not even fully realize that she chooses love consistently.  I would too, I need you, our connections, our expansions together.

Another thing I am fully realizing thru the readings, those who have started the homework they were given, are now getting phase two of their evolution, of their homework assignments.

My last reading of the day yesterday really started to reveal the network of light within the biosphere itself.  As he was spinning gold and white threads/strings around the inside middle area of the earths atmosphere placement within the biosphere, I could almost see the emergence of content (that I have yet to see) called life itself.  I suppose we must build the house before we move into it, but hey, this energy and light… that we turn into matter.

Before anything arrives in our world, it is held in the highest frequencies of potential, first.  The example spirit keeps using thru the readings is if you had liquid gold, the gold itself was heated to high degrees to create its liquefied state, now thru our mastery, our energy field we are taking that high liquefied energy and pouting it into molds (what we desire within creation) and we must also learn how to cool it (the energy we put out.)  For anything to exist (material wise) within matter, it must lower its vibratory rate to become form.

Ha!! One of the readings a few days ago, a funny came thru.  I will paraphrase cuz I don’t remember all the details, just the part I will put into quotes, but now it makes even more sense too.  When we put a desire into motion, it goes into motion in the highest of frequencies, that is all we need to do, we “do not need to baby sit the desire” (this understanding just came to me) because if we constantly look at it, reenergize it, it remains in the high vibratory state of potential.  When we just set it into motion and know it will show up, that’s where the cooling happens and it becomes form in our lives.  TRUST in who you are, crucial!!!

We are the visionaries, the master creators of this new landscape, if we do not trust ourselves… who will???  We also must realize we have co-workers here, each doing their part to create the whole.  The moment you activate your desire, the other workers instantly step into motion to do their part.  Right now, this is primarily being done from the soul mind as we all step into our conscious co-creation and harness our (conscious) participation within it all.

On a completely different note, our clocks bell back last night (I thought it happening was tomorrow.)  So as of today, I am now on MST (as opposed to daylight savings time.)  Equally, we have a massive Light storm coming in from the sun:  (ALMOST CERTAIN) CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters estimate a 90% chance of geomagnetic storms on Nov. 2nd-3rd when a fast-moving stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind speeds could exceed 800 km/s and spark a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm. Sky watchers in the USA should be alert for Northern Lights as far south as, e.g., Oregon and Illinois.  (Taken from this morning.)  Which always affects my ability to read the field, again spirit said we are going to have many shifts thru November, obviously they weren’t kidding and no lag time in the events!  lol

I know there is much more to share, but I feel like I am missing pieces of our amazing, ongoing puzzle to share adequately, so I will just leave off here and see what you bring to the party thru the readings today.  However (smile) I cannot seem to leave without sharing this (not understood completely, yet) tidbit.  String theory, what if we are the strings creating.  I found a website for dummies that if we look at each string being us and the unified whole of creation… there is… something…

Big big (((HUGZ))) of astounding Joy and New Directions to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Someone just posted this Kryon channeling on my facebook and I wanted to add it here.  It so fits with this (inadequit) sharing of mine!!:

This Kryon just came through and resonates so much with today’s blog and experiences….
DNA Templates

Your DNA is filled with information and templates. Now, templates are patterns and paradigms of life. Most of these templates are ones that you have that are not complete. Now, what you don’t know about a template is that is has what we would call a patterning of its own. If you have a portion of a template already, that is to say, a piece of the design, it draws to itself the rest of the design, if it can. Did you understand that? If you have a piece of the picture, that piece has an attitude – an attitude of desire – wanting the rest of the picture! As soon as it’s possible to get that missing piece, it’s like magnetics. It literally flies to itself and the template snaps into place and you get the whole thing. All of you have pieces of the template and the ones who have the most profoundly “ready” pieces are old souls (the ones reading this). Your earth experience has waited for this! You are then going to complete the templates that are missing, old soul.

Genesis Cells: The Starting Template

This term I’m using in this message is a Kryon term today, not a medical term. There may be a medical term similar, but this is different. One of the templates that always exists and never goes away is part of the Human manual. It’s not as linear as in this explanation, but it will work. Think of it this way: I want you to think of the manual of birth. When you came in, what was the manual like? What page were you on when you were five days old? What page were you on at six months? What page were you on when you were 30? You all know that all the pages are different because of the chronology of growing up.

The pages are still there, and the template is still there for what I call Genesis cells. Genesis cells, as I will define them, are the cells of a newborn that accelerate growth and learning in a special way. The child absorbs so much of the world around him/her in six months. This includes speech, language, the beginning of standing and walking, and much more. The antennas of the Genesis manual are so big! They are listening to the attitudes and the consciousness of everything around them. You already know that. It’s active for a newborn Human, then it slows down and you become the adult. Genesis cells are magic. They are used at first, then they are not, but they’re still there and never go away. The template is still there, the instruction sets for how they are made, if you want to call it that, are still there. This is all physics, for the chemistry of how it all works is physics. What you should know about the children of today is that the antennas are up to 10 times as long as they were for you.

Now, old soul, what if I told you that you could release these cells now, make them active for you? They could be available for you now, just go get them in the manual. Do it with affirmations, do it with consciousness change, do it with meditation. However you communicate with innate, it’s ready to release the Genesis cells from their time prison to be used again! What that means to you is fast-track growth to enlightenment! They work with the Akash!

It’s for any situation you might have. Don’t limit it to what you think you need! Always ask, “Dear Spirit, what do I need?” State, “Dear Spirit, this and something better.” Use this potential! Genesis cells are ready for the old soul. I keep saying old soul, did you notice? In other words, a number of lifetimes gives you the template information that a newbie would not have who has only been on the earth a few times. Old souls have hundreds of lifetimes, maybe thousands in order to develop experience and the template of knowledge. Every one of you in this room can say to yourself, “I know that I’ve been here before” and your innate will vibrate with the truth of it. You know too much! You feel too much! You’re in this room listening to channelling! This message is accurate and it’s true. You’re an old soul. Everything I’ve just told you is about the enhancement of the Human Being in an energy that you have expected.

I close with this: The secret to mining your Akash, or releasing the template, is by having a compassionate consciousness. Does that surprise you? That’s what has been missing all along. If you are going to mine your Akash [pull upon the things you have learned in the past] and start rewriting who you are, you’re going to have to come to an agreement of compassion with yourself. How are you doing with lack of anger, care for others, purity of God inside? The physics of consciousness to create compassion creates what I call compassionate action. It’s for everyone in the room and those reading. An old soul knows how to do this. Listen: I know who you are. You wouldn’t be listening or reading unless you were an old soul, even an uninterested old soul. You are one, and you know you are. Compassion is the king of all emotions at this point on the planet. It’s going to lead you into an evolved state of love, and without compassion and caring for others, it is not going to work. In fact, nothing will work.

Very slowly there is going to be a split of consciousness on the planet, and we have talked to you about it before. There will be those who are compassionate and those who are not, and it’s going to be obvious, so obvious! Caring and uncaring. There is a dark army right now on this planet. What is its “compassion factor”? Do you understand? It’s a free choice state of mind, but that’s the split to come. Don’t worry about this, compassionate one. When you take the attributes of the master, light surrounds you. No more fortressing or protecting yourself from darkness. It will retreat from you automatically. No more catching the diseases of the day, they won’t be able to touch you with compassion. It’s physics; it’s real; it’s physical and it’s happening now. Your society will reflect this sooner than you think. When you turn on your news and you think I’m crazy, just wait. There’s some wild cards coming. Benevolence is a new energy!
I’m Kryon, in love with humanity.
And so it is.

Kryon – Lee Carroll


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