AN HOUR WITH AN ANGEL – Archangel Michael on AHWAA – No One Will be Excluded from Ascension- Golden Age Of Gaia – October 15, 2015 by Suzanne Maresca

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AN HOUR WITH AN ANGEL   –   Archangel Michael on AHWAA   –   No One Will be Excluded from Ascension-   Golden Age Of Gaia   –   October 15, 2015 by Suzanne Maresca


October 15, 2015 ~ We welcomed Archangel Michael back to An Hour with an Angel this week to discuss the nature and continuing impact of the Blood Moon Equinox energies.

In the pre-recorded program, he addressed the fears of lightworkers who say they felt little or nothing during the energy “infusion.” No one who desires to ascend will be excluded, he said.

He stressed the necessity to ask for assistance if we felt it was needed and to allow our core issues to rise to the surface to be let go of.

He asked us to be gentle with ourselves and others. Nothing lasting was achieved in spirituality or in worldly affairs by forcing the situation.

He stated that some of the previously-dark figures. who’ve been in containment, will reform their characters and choose to continue to lead.

When I suggested to him that there would be a predictable battle between those who welcomed these figures back into the fold and those who saw that as a treasonous action, he acknowledged that possibility.

As to how to know who had reformed their character and who had not, he suggested asking the heart for guidance, or using kinesiology (muscle testing), etc., to guide us in whom we chose to support. He reminded us that all of the Company of Heaven were knock, knock, knocking on our door to gain access to our hearts.

When asked who of the Galactics we had to thank for bringing the energies to us and modulating them, he said that none of the Galactics were seeking recognition for their work and that really the debt of gratitude was to us.

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