KAREN DOONAN – Exiting the Constructs of the Old Earth Realities – 10-22-15

Karen DoverKAREN DOONAN   –   Exiting the constructs of the old earth realities –   10-22-15



Within the old earth construct we are taught repeatedly how to create “puzzles” to solve, from how to divide our day to accommodate the demands that were are taught to accept to the larger “conspiracy” puzzles that are continually presented, the human logical mind is at this time for many in overdrive.  Many people believe that the old earth construct is going to fall for the entire human race at once and that in order for it to fall the “complete” puzzle must be solved.  A bit like a rubics cube, many fully believe that until all sides are the same “color” then somehow the human race are still enslaved. Nothing is further from TRUTH, the only way to exit the old earth construct is to step out of it personally and FULLY.

There is NO puzzle to solve, it is continual illusion that is designed at all times to both stimulate and provoke the human logical mind. Many at this time are going all out in “competition” in the false belief that somehow there is a way to get ahead in said puzzle.  Those who created the old earth construct have no “end game”, the entire reality IS the game and at this time the illusions are being presented to once more stimulate the logical mind in order to try to keep as many within the human race attempting to solve the puzzle as possible.

There is no requirement at all to wait for “gateways”, “super-moons” or whatever else is presented in order to leave the old earth construct, the doorway is open and anyone can move through this doorway at any time.  The doorway is the heart space and the understanding that the old earth construct has nothing but illusion within said construct.  The false teachings that are once more being provided by said construct seek to make the case for “reason” and “logic”, we do not need to have a “plan” or a knowing of what the new earth looks like before moving fully into it. This of course triggers the human logical mind which tries to teach that since there has been “construction” in prior life experience that in order to move into another life experience more construction is required. This loop of logic keeps many in place and static with nothing expanding for it is not TRUTH. Living is taking a breath then another than another from moment to moment. It is purely the logical mind which DEMANDS to know how the day will be structured and it does this in order to use the tools that it has been taught, that of DIVISION.

Many when faced with a day that appears to have no construction move into mild to moderate panic.  How many of you reading this article are okay with not knowing what will be presented within the coming few days? how about hours? if there was nothing that you could answer to the question – “what are you doing today?”.  Such is the fear of no construct that many attempt to keep themselves busy “solving”, “clearing” or even “meditating” in order that the construct is presented into which they believe they then have to step.  ALL construct is DIVISION, it is not living in the NOW moment, it is living at either side of it.  So strong are the teachings within the old earth construct that many feel guilty when taking even an hour to themselves so it is no surprise at all when the human logical mind then triggers into “what is next?”.

Part of the process of moving into the new earth is to let go completely of ALL construction, many will trigger when reading this as they are allowing their human minds to teach them that without construction there would be chaos but this is human logic once more. The universe is pure energy, energy continually moves and expands therefore has both an equilibrium and a movement all of its own. We have been conditioned within the old earth construct to believe that without our continual conscious effort then nothing happens. This is not TRUTH and not supported on any level of our human life experience in TRUTH.  We are by going through the natural expansion that is now unfolding allowing ourselves to let go of the constraints we have been taught to employ in order to control that which is NATURAL and which JUST IS.

Many people fully believe that if they downed tools for even a few hours that somehow their life would fall apart and this is not TRUTH. The fear will keep running until it is challenged. Just because the “world” has appeared to run a certain way for eternity does not make it TRUTH, it just means that it has never been challenged. At this time we are being asked to allow for the massive expansion by simply taking our hands off the wheel. By trusting the process itself, by moving in unison with the energy that is unfolding. For many this will be highly challenging, many people when faced with massive energetic expansion do not surrender, they will try to persuade themselves that they are surrendering whilst bracing themselves and never fully letting go.  We are not waiting for some “event” that will free us, WE ARE ALREADY FREE, what we are asked to release is the logical mind control that we have been taught to adhere to. This mind control exits within the very design of the old earth construct.

It is the little voice that seeks to tell us that we are “lazy” for staying in bed another hour, that we are somehow failing everyone around us if we put our own needs before them, it is subtle and it permeates EVERY part of the old earth construct version of the human life experience.  It is this inner voice that is now being challenged by the new earth frequencies that are asking merely for surrender and for TRUST that what lies beyond the construct is both safe and expansive. WE DO NOT NEED TO CREATE IT, IT ALREADY EXITS, it has always existed, we have within the old earth construct simply been taught how to reject it.  This is done at all levels of our human life experience, it is in the frequencies that we are taught to anchor and within the “lessons” that are simply more constraints that are accepted and then anchored.

Many believe that without a “life plan” that their life would simply not exist and that nothing would happen for them, this is human logic again, a baby does not sit and build its life each moment, the baby will simply be in the NOW moment until it begins to be exposed to the structure that the humans around it employ in the belief that without structure there is nothing.  It is not possible to have one foot in the new earth and one foot in the old earth, the frequency bandwidths are too far apart and the need for many at this time to hold on to any structure at all are the holding pins to the old earth construct. It is not a construct that falls down and all step out, it is dissolved by the human race exiting one by one, as they exit then the construct begins to wobble, to dissolve and then disappear.

At this time it is still being fed by the puzzle solvers, the ones who require to build in order to live.  This keeps the very construct they believe they are dissolving alive. The old earth construct is designed to be interactive, interacting with any of it feeds it and as it is fed it will blind once more. At this time the structures are collapsing and as they collapse many are rushing in attempting to replace what they perceive as a “bad” structure with a “good” structure, not understanding that it is the STRUCTURE itself that is keeping the old earth fed.

We do not need to know exactly how our life will unfold within the next few hours let alone the next few weeks. For a race that has been taught to plan its holidays a “year” ahead, to plan their “day” for the entire “week” this will be extremely challenging. The need to hold on to structure is a self help mechanism of the old earth construct, it is not NATURAL and is taught and enforced repeatedly through the false teachings of said construct.

At this time we are asked to go with the flow, to respond to the energy as it flows through around and within us. To let go of the need to plan, to control or divert energy at any level.  We are being asked to move into the NATURAL flow of universal energy, we are not asked to control it, re-route it or divide it.  We are expanding OUT into it and this is the exact opposite of what we have been taught eternally within the construct that is the old earth reality.

As we move fully into expansion we begin to understand that we are not drowning, that the panic that arises within us merely gives us the impression that we are and so we begin to flounder.  View swimming in a large body of water, if the human vehicle is tensed then floating becomes challenging, in order to navigate and to become one with the body of water we must relax and allow ourselves to let go and trust. At this time the human race are bracing themselves for something that will never happen in TRUTH.  The old earth construct knows its time is up, it knows that it has little food source left and it will pull out all stops to have the human race do everything but relax and go with the flow.

We are asked at this time to BREATHE and to relax and allow the outer waking life experience to find its equilibrium and balance and to understand that our attempts to control it will simply delay the very equilibrium and expansion that we wish to experience.  ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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