Fifth Dimensional Girl – Energetic Update – 10-24-15


 Fifth Dimensional Girl   –   Energetic Update   –   10-24-15

We appear to have reached a turning point, a point in time to be noted. Lower dimensional planes are being lifted up and through into higher dimensional fields, where an integration is underway. These nuanced planes will sit “within” what we previously called lower dimensional planes and stretch into higher dimensional levels, in a “within” space there too.

It has required a massive un-plugging of many aspects of lower dimension planes for these nuanced planes to emerge – and this work is still underway

The main thing is that this integration enables the grounding that was missing for the higher dimensional planes and their sphere sisters to open into 9D and above. By this I mean, to optimise or squeeze out every last bit of potential for transducing the higher timeline energies into our daily experienced physical reality.

At the same time, a huge shedding is taking place, a massive clear out (forward and back in time) across all planetary systems including Earth


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