Squash Tunnel fantastica – Garden Tunnels – Edible Forests – 10-16-15

Grow Something Green's photo.

Lance White : “Good friends in the Volcano Ubuntu Community have been making “squash tunnels” for years! The first time I saw this, it instantly resonated as a creative, beautiful and practical way to grow squash and other hanging edibles. Wouldn’t it be great to have these tunnels in every city, near parks and near those needing food. Edible forests are a reality in Europe, where intelligent and practical solutions to what appears to be “insurmountable problems” are solved… not by legislation, not by throwing money at the problem, and not by seeking those in power to effect changes… no, these are collaborative and collective projects, small groups of individuals who understand the nature of “energy exchange”.
Why not start a small project in your own home town, city or country locale? It’s a win-win-win.”
Grow Something Green

This Squash tunnel is fantastical!

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