The 7 Steps of Manifestation – Peter Melchizedek, The Elohim – The Seven Steps of Precipitation – Hercules and Amazonia – Step One – 10-1-15


The 7 Steps of Manifestation   –   Peter Melchizedek,  The Elohim   –   The Seven Steps of Precipitation   –   Hercules and Amazonia   –   Step One   –   10-1-15


The following communiqué is an excerpt from Peter’s Elemental Grace Alliance book. Reading this might help to UNITE us even more in the endeavor we are about to undertake. If you feel drawn to work with the 7 steps of Precipitation, please leave a comment below, so we can begin an open exchange here. We might develop a step by step programme together, if you are so inclined, too, which can help us all to SYNCHRONIZE our INTENTIONS in ONE FOCUS – CONNECTED though our lightgrid meditation times.

Here we go:

05- Protecting The Future – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Elohim Peace (Tranquility) and Aloha (Pacifica) – 18th July, 2015

“I Am Aloha and My Divine Compliment Peace have come to The Elemental Grace Alliance through the Magnetism of Love, Peace and Joy. We are here to share with each of you that which reflects the Energy of the hour as part of the present theme of “Protecting the Future”. However, We are going to step a little farther away from what We would normally put into words at such a calling. It was indeed Cassiopea who was to speak for and on behalf of the Seven Mighty Elohim, but, due to a change in circumstances and the conjecture of prevailing human thought consciousness and projection, Cassiopea offered Us to Speak in accordance to Our connection to the Pacific Ocean and the Ring of Fire that has recently been brought into the limelight again through thoughts and beliefs of panic, catastrophe and mayhem.

“Each of the Elohim Speaks as One Voice and no matter what is communicated, Each One would give forth the identical Essence of Knowledge, Love, Wisdom and Power, albeit from a slightly different angle and specificity of responsibilities. This is a unique platform upon which to Speak and where Greater Knowledge is required to build that Bridge of Consciousness between humanity and the Elementals.

“There is a wonderful opportunity here to open the veil of ignorance that humanity has built around themselves for Peace, Balance and Harmony to find a place within the heart and lives of all people of Earth and once again enveloping the Hearts of the Elemental Realms with Human Divine Unconditional Love. These Great Beings are Love manifested and will answer every call by the human Heart that is enfolded with the same Heart Love that They Are! The Elementals will embrace and obey man’s every command from within Their Substance, Radiation, and Power of Their God-Gift of Peace, for no other reason, to Bless mankind, their families, their communities, their nations and the world. The Evolution of an Elohim is through the Elemental Kingdom for the very name “Elemental” means “The Mind of God”; El – E- Mental. The Elohim are of Our Mind, for Our Name is One for God! So Dear Ones The Mind of God is the very core of the Elemental Being no matter how small or large They may be, just as it is within you.

“The problem arises when These Dear and Beloved Elementals have to respond in accordance with Their Fiat and Charters with God, which oblige Them to Honor humanity through the consciousness that is projected by them outwardly. Because human thought forms presently and for far too long, have been only overshadowed with negativity, greed, control, selfishness etcetera. The Elementals have two aspects to their immediate work that are very unpleasant for them and indeed brings them much pain and discomfort. Through these They have had the tendencies to become very disgruntled. They are obliged to act for and on behalf of humanity, working even with such negative nuances and at the same time work long and extremely hard to maintain the balance required within this world so that life does continue, albeit at the moment, not at its optimum potentials.

“This is all part of the Evolution of an Elemental, and like humanity and the imprisoned Angels, they have been incarcerated through ill use, ignorance and arrogance of Universal Law. They have a certain degree of free will in how They express Their abilities and capabilities for cleansing and maintaining the balance and purity of the air, water, earth and fire elements. However that free will is not enough to protect Them against man’s inconsiderate actions.

“The Sylphs, if We may use Them as an example here, may gather, just as disgruntled human beings do, in certain areas or vortices from time to time, where They will build up Their powers, created by the unpleasant feelings and thoughts and conversations of humanity, manifesting them into a situation, circumstance or vortex, which can then, depending on intensities become like the “eye” of a hurricane, a cyclone, or a tornado. Have you Dear Humans ever wondered why the Middle East lay in total devastation, buildings and homes destroyed, land infertile, drought and in vast areas of inhospitable countryside? It is the consciousness of human thoughts being projected in the atmosphere, land and hearts of human beings themselves that is the reflection personified. There are a multitude of conditions that require deep Loving and Peaceful transmutation, transformation and transfiguration at this time.

“Regarding a cyclone or a hurricane or the shifting of tectonic plates, having built the Energy into a dynamic of strength and tremendous power, dependant on the level of cleansing required, the elementals involved will then direct Themselves to the place that will provide the greatest result for releasing through the maximum Energy in motion, and the forward momentum of actions that will purify, reduce, release and dissolve the buildup of negative and imbalanced consciousness; and at the same time clear any manifestation of imprinting or implanting of negativity embedded within the electromagnetic patterns within the Earth and its resources. Their purpose is to heal and create once again a pristine environment where Peace, Love and Joy may be enjoyed and fulfilled. They are not malevolent in any way in these tasks, just extremely practical where compassion is not part of their makeup and the least amount of Their Energies will create the maximum amount of cleansing. For the Elementals, it is very elementary simple, it is or it is not!

“Ninety eight percent of humanity, uses their own misqualified energy to manifest and these creations are embedded very deeply with negativity and so although the Elementals on the surface may appear to create devastation and chaos, death and ranscrition through the use of large natural weather events and earth movements, they are only actually reflecting the very energies that mankind has directed outwardly toward Them over the millennia, through their lack of knowledge, condescension and self importance.

“We are here to share with you that this type of devastation, where lives and property need not be lost. It can now be averted and avoided by humanity without destruction of any kind. It has already been proven many times over in the past by those who Know and practice the Truth of this Wisdom. The method and technique is simple, yet it must be executed through the use of the Seven Steps of Precipitation if one is going to be successful. We will take this opportunity to outline these steps here as every opportunity to do so, shall be required to get this information to those ready to make a difference for All of Life on Earth!

“First: There must be the WILL TO DO; for assistance and guidance call in Mighty Hercules and Amazonia. You must make a DECISION in your heart, mind and Spirit, a decision based upon prayerful thought and application, so that you are sure it is the right decision and that your feelings, concerning it, are enthusiastic about bringing it forth.

“Second: After you make your decision, take the time to call into action the Flame of Mighty Cassiopea and Minerva, to give you its PERCEPTION (Illumination), the perfectly-clear picture of what you want to do and the directions as to how best to bring it forth, to qualify the abstract idea so that your form is something of benefit to life.

“Third: Through The Beloved Elohim Orion and Angelica, LOVE your manifestation into form. The more sincere feeling of LOVE you can put into it, the more beautiful will be your form, and the more quickly it will manifest. This is true whether it is something you wish to create for your personal use, or whether you are altruistic enough to so create for the benefit of a world movement. The more LOVE you put into your service, the greater will be your manifestation, the higher will be its quality and the more plentiful its blessings to the world of form.

“Fourth: Then be sure to hold, firmly, to the original Divine Design by calling in The Beloved Claire and Astrea. Then allow as much humility and selflessness as possible, hold to the PURITY of the pattern (Divine Idea) which you have received from God and do not attempt to constantly change it, with every passing whim.

“Fifth: Next comes the power of CONCENTRATION through The Elohim Cyclopea (Vista) and Crystal, to help you follow through with one thing at a time, staying with it until it is wholly completed. It is better to do one thing well than to do a hundred things imperfectly. Your phrase “Jack of all trades and master of none” refers to this wavering consciousness. Do not allow fear and doubt, or ridicule of the outer world, to make you feel that it cannot be done! When a mental picture is flashed to your mind and you deliberately call it forth again, you begin to draw forth the reality of that picture.

“Your “fundamentals,” given to you for your use years ago by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, gave you this instruction. For instance, if you want financial freedom, hold to that idea, and see that substance visible and tangible in your hands and use NOW. If you want youth in your bodies, so that they do not show age and if you want freedom from certain limitations of mind and the flesh body – greater freedom to serve this cause – get the definite picture of just what you do want and stay with that one idea, until you have brought it forth into outer physical manifestation!

“Let there be no “ifs” or “buts” in your consciousness and your universe, concerning it. When that which you have conceived and willed to bring forth hurts no man or any part of life, it will be a blessing to the universe. If you will LOVE life enough to stay with it, if you will be humble enough to let God do his will through it, if you will concentrate upon one thing at a time, you can produce your manifestation! (Here, again, comes the inversion of the activities of the Sixth and Seventh Rays)

“Seventh: Now your idea, which you wish to precipitate in-to form, must be nourished in RHYTHM, with at least as much regularity as you take your meals into your flesh body each day. Arcturus and Diana will help you as you call them forth.

“Sixth: Last, but not least, when your manifestation finally appears in the purity of form in which you have desired and designed, call in Peace and Aloha and We will hold the PEACE and harmony of feeling with you, which will seal your entire creation in Divine Protection.

“When these Seven Steps have been completed, according to this Divine Pattern, you will see and know that the creative powers of the Elohim are Universal and can be used by anyone, at will!

“This is all attained through one’s own I AM Presence being engaged into action and asking for the protection of the Luminous Presence of Beloved Peace and My Self Aloha. With all the preparations fulfilled and anchored within the Heart of the Creator, you, We, can then go to the eye of the hurricane and influentially work through Energetic Transference with the Elementals to dissolve the hurricane and release its built up Energy back into the Core of each Elemental Being to return back to the Prime Energy of the Three Fold Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom. This is the Mindful application of Etherialization or the dematerialization of that which has already been created.

“This will avoid physical destruction, but then it is up to humanity to change their consciousness so that another incident will not have to occur. As the previous millions of years are testimony to, if man does not come to this understanding, and work far more in collaboration with the Elementals, then time and time again, the obvious will indeed strike hard within the hearts of mankind, and each time it does, it will be with even greater force and extensive consequential results.

“This is yet another potential for “Protecting the Future” of this planet and all who live here. What We The Seven Mighty Elohim have done, on a Universal Scale, by the use of these seven progressive “steps” in consciousness, each and every one of you can and one day must use to draw forth, direct from the Universal Primal Source, those Gifts of Light’s Perfection which are the Will of God for you to enjoy and to be able to give to your fellowman. The ability to Precipitate is a natural Attribute and Power of Your Own I Am Presence – your Father-Mother God – the Source of Your Being and the Creative Heart-Center of your present consciousness.

“The human personality ego consciousness, of itself as a living, breathing being, must one day Realize that it once came out of the Universal Source of The Prime Creator. When that consciousness finds itself to be an Individualization of God-Consciousness, it then must chose to draw, to itself, the Substance of Primal Light (Life) and qualify it with the God-Ideas of its own, Impersonal Consciousness. This qualified Light will then be sent forth, by it, to create and expand the Beauty, Glory and Ecstasy of Creation. Since the very nature of God-Light is to Expand Perfection, that “I AM” Consciousness then will determine, its full expression as a God Being. That time is now very rapidly coming into view for a small, yet growing, number of human beings and the time has come for all of humanity to reclaim their Light Of God within the Individualized Expression that God Desires for them.

“As the Three Fold Flame increases in size and intensity, within each Soul incarnate, its pull upon the Octaves of those from Higher Dimensions will be magnetically drawn into those lives who open to The Prime Creators Love and Creative Laws. These Conscious Souls will become epicenters of Light like Lighthouses for all to see. They will emanate a Pure Magnetic Radiance that when received in Love will automatically heal and make whole again. This has been very rare in the past with only a small numbers of humans; examples like Jesus, Ascended Masters, some Saints, Buddha and various others. Today on Earth there are many Light Workers stepping into this Conscious Awareness and when They come together within Groups of like purpose, the Work that They will be able to do for humanity on a whole will be nothing short of magnificent and extraordinary.

“This leads me back to the present souls who continue to project the old consciousness of the old belief patterns. This will continue for a while yet, We say sadly, but this can be overridden by a mere handful of Loving Souls, figuratively speaking, who are able to both fully understand, accept and implement the Seven Steps of Precipitation held by the Glowing Eminence of the Three Fold Flame within the Heart of men and women. The event that is being discussed in the presentations mentioned by Peter regarding the shifts in the tectonic plates within the Cascadia Zone, is indeed growing energetically in magnitude.

“Although it will be several years before the trigger is activated in accordance to the current levels of human conscious projections, it may not necessarily be activated at all. If that is to be true, then work must begin in humanity’s very near future to secure the outcome of neutralization, thus eliminating the need for such drastic action by Our Beloved Elementals.

“Nothing is secure and God’s Will, will always Over Light any situation, yet the more people who can embrace Love, Peace, Harmony, Good Will toward mankind and all other life forms, the greater the potential for change that comes with Ease, Grace, Harmony and in the most Miraculous of Ways. This particular, potential earth experience has the possibility of being one of the greatest purification events within the history of the Pacific Ocean. We desire you to Know that the laws of physics as man presently know them are there to be broken. Nothing is as it seems and now as always the Universal Laws of Love and Life will always Illuminate the Truth of Life.

“So many Light Beings are rallying together in small corners with Conscious Human Beings who have the Heart for Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love for All Life. There is great admiration, and adoration for all those who are now stepping outside of the old human matrices of belief, thought, word and action. Let Us All Work together to Create Love and Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven.

“I Am Aloha and with My Divine Partner Peace We say God’s Peace and Harmony, Abundance and Joy to each and everyone.

“From the Hawaiian Islands We bid you God’s Blessings

“Aloha Sweet Ones”!

This communiqué for me does appear to be a little outside of the box according to what I have read in the past and know about Beloved Peace and Aloha. Yet I can see just how important the information is as part of this prevailing event of the Cascadia Earth movement question; shall it happen, or shall it not! Maybe it was just my interpretation of the information given, but whatever the reason I cannot consider this lightly for indeed I know what this means for me personally through my previous experiences in conjunction with such potentials of diffusing grand events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and the like.

I remember back in 2006 during a meeting with a dear friend and one of the Hawaiian Island Kahus where he told me of a series of events, that he personally stopped one hurricane and diffused it completely and another that he knew was required to complete its course yet asked it to at least save one room of his house so that he could continue his work and at the same time have somewhere to live.

The first hurricane was huge and being monitored by the US meteorologists, there was complete surprise by them that such a large force just seemed to disappear off the radar screens within minutes as it hung over the centre of the Pacific Ocean. Of course they never found out the truth and just put it down to a weather anomaly. The latter, the hurricane indeed struck the Hawaiian coast and destroyed hundreds of homes and his home was devastated also yet to the letter of his request a single room was absolutely untouched to his delight. This is the same Kahu whom I spoke of before regarding the consciousness of US missiles being tested off the coast of Kauai’i.

With the event of the San Andreas Fault where a small group and I worked with diffusing a potential shift in 2006 and another just recently which I have not mentioned is without doubt a part of my journey within my heart so I can honor very deeply what Aloha is alluding to and how it is an incredible opportunity for others to find this process of Working directly with the Elementals and Nature Realms. I know that this is another call for me to do something here. Not sure what just yet. I would do more I guess but most of the time, or perhaps they just needed to run their courses, a hurricane or tornado or earth quake has happened or is in the process of happening before I become aware of it. This Cascadia potential is a fore warning and one that I cannot put aside with no action to Unite with. How I will do this I am presently unaware, but I know that by giving it my attention God will direct me to who and where I will be required to Serve.

I have given the situation of humanity’s complacency of such things and about they know about the pending dangers and when they occur and accumulate such losses, they simply rebuild their lives in the same places, waiting all over again to the same result; prepared to take their chances? God would never persuade them to move for He Knows that they simply have not yet learnt their lessons and maybe next time they will come to the Self Realization of their journey. There seems to be a simple underlying acceptance of such loss yet no real desire to avoid it due to a very short term awareness criteria. As I read the article “The Really Big One” in the New Yorker written by Kathryn Schulz, Kathryn says this that I guess sums it all up in two paragraphs;

“On the face of it, earthquakes seem to present us with problems of space: the way we live along fault lines, in brick buildings, in homes made valuable by their proximity to the sea. But, covertly, they also present us with problems of time. The earth is 4.5 billion years old, but we are a young species, relatively speaking, with an average individual allotment of three score years and ten. The brevity of our lives breeds a kind of temporal parochialism—an ignorance of or an indifference to those planetary gears which turn more slowly than our own.

“This problem is bidirectional. The Cascadia subduction zone remained hidden from us for so long because we could not see deep enough into the past. It poses a danger to us today because we have not thought deeply enough about the future. That is no longer a problem of information; we now understand very well what the Cascadia Fault Line will someday do. Nor is it a problem of imagination. If you are so inclined, you can watch an earthquake destroy much of the West Coast this summer in Brad Peyton’s “San Andreas,” while, in neighboring theatres, the world threatens to succumb to Armageddon by other means: viruses, robots, resource scarcity, zombies, aliens, plague. As those movies attest, we excel at imagining future scenarios, including awful ones. But such apocalyptic visions are a form of escapism, not a moral summons, and still less a plan of action. Where we stumble is in conjuring up grim futures in a way that helps to avert them”.

Although Kathryn is not coming from the same consciousness as we are sharing here with the Elemental Grace Alliance, it does speak from a human perspective and it does have some relevance in understanding this dilemma of being stuck in an old paradigm that in itself requires its own personal tornado, hurricane and earth shattering jolt to shift the consciousness away from the past and into a whole new way of life.

The metaphysical understanding is far more complex and is not a tangible thing that will stare someone in the face such as a hurricane would bear down on you. And this is where one has to retire to the Heart of God within to find the answers of life and so each reflection and each level of conflict determines the level of awareness one is facing; and that is how we all respond to life is it not!

Sue and I were speaking about this communiqué and from what she was saying I felt that it was both relevant a powerful. And so I asked Sue if she would be kind enough to put it all into the written word so I could include it here. These are the gifts of inspiration from Sue and Her Higher Self.

“The Flower of Life is the Divine Manifestation of Divine Love held within all of life created through the crystallization of Divine Thought. This is the underpinning of all life – it is the merging of the Father /Mother God/Goddess in Unity. The synthesis of Electronic/Magnetic Principles held within the vibrational field of Perfection. The initial Flower of Life brought forth the first atomic structures; the Mother/Magnetic principle holding form together. The single amoebas and the earliest crustaceans of life – which were to over time develop into the forms we have now called the Dinosaurs and the Reptilian species. In order for life to evolve it became necessary for a great many of these species to leave the planet so that the next spiral of the Flower of Life consciousness might take seed and eventually flourish.

“In the earliest manifestations of life on earth the ‘casing’/’form’ for Spirit was the primary concern – this ‘casing’ was created through the field of Primal Energy – atomic structure held together by Gravity allowing Life to take on a physical reality. The Mother/Magnetic principle having created the form, has, over countless eons, but especially over this last two thousand years of the Piscean Age, been imbued with the consciousness of Compassion.

“Jesus entered the physical plane some two thousand years ago as the living embodiment of Compassion for the Piscean Age – a being who could create with the Elemental Field in ways that we still today see as miraculous. To understand how Miracles occur we need to understand that we are all seeded with this same capacity, however in order to enter into this instant manifestation, miraculous pathway, we have to have the ability to enter into the Primal Field of Power whilst embodying the pure field of Compassion/ Divine Love. This is Christ Consciousness – the fusing of Duality into Harmony and Oneness.

“As we are now being consciously brought into awareness of the Kuiper Belt and the Primal Energy of this region of Space where Pluto resides – we are at a point in time and space when we are being called to embody a new spiral of the Flower of Life. As we enter the Aquarian Age, the Flower of Life is shape shifting into the next spiral of human life – the synthesis of the two earlier epochs – brought into being through Awakened Humanity who have evolved sufficiently to synthesize Nature’s Elemental Primal Power with selfless Compassion and in so doing, embodying Christ Consciousness to serve the Highest Good and Well Being of all Life”.

I would like to share more about this but physical time and space is precious here, so I am now feeling the Presence of the Elementals who wish to now share Their perspective of the present discourse topic. Beloved Elementals, I Love You! God Bless You!

The Seven Steps of Precipitation – Hercules and Amazonia – Step One

Today Dear Hearts, we begin a journey that you have all shown willingness to participate within, albeit on varying levels of understanding and commitment, and that is perfectly aligned to where each of us are at this time. Yet this endeavour, this unification of willingness by everyone here, will through the cohesive Powers of Love, raise your vibrational frequency to Higher Levels of Awareness and so give you an even greater opportunity to expand your Life into the Higher Realms of Christ and God Consciousness.

Today we begin by introducing Beloved Hercules whom I have invited to speak with you directly at this most auspicious time, and Beloved Hercules and Amazonia sit with me now as I write this presentation for you.  I have been asked to share an introduction by Hercules that was given through Thomas Printz at a gathering of Chelas on September 5th 1954. Hercules has agreed to imbue this introduction with His Full Power and Might. So with no further adieu I invite Hercules to speak with you now.

“Beloved Children of The One, I come to you today at the behest of Peter for the purpose to introduce to you the First Principle of the Seven Steps to Precipitation. And to save precious time I have asked that Peter include My Address many years ago that today is even more necessary and more fervently requires your direct and devoted attention.  For today We begin together a venture of Precipitation that is an extension of something even more Powerful in the Creation of Manifesting; a New World for All Life on Planet Earth. Take heed Dear One’s and feel My Will To Do surrounding you and enveloping you now as you read My Gift to you!

“In the name of God, I bring you the FIRE of Hercules!

“I am the Elohim who embodies the WILL TO DO! I am the Elohim of DECISION – and God spare me the vacillating man! Everything that has ever been accomplished on the plane of Earth or in the plane of Heaven has been accomplished by men and women of decision; by Angels, Elementals and Devas of Decision; by Beings who have voluntarily chosen to combine the Energies of their lives with the WILL TO DO! Without that WILL TO DO, there is no permanence of accomplishment!

“Preceding all action, preceding all manifestation, there must be the WILL TO DO within the consciousness. In this Universal Scheme, it is My Privilege and Honour to embody the Fire (enthusiasm) and the WILL TO DO that which God intends. It is My Joy, My Privilege and My Honour this morning to bring to you the Pressure of My Love and Flame of My Heart, to Expand upon your foreheads My Presence, Consciousness and WILL TO DO what God intends!

“Are you content with what you are, what you manifest today? Are you content with half a loaf when you could have a full one? Are you content to live in limitations and bodies of decay? It is what you WILL that you manifest!

“FIRE, O God, the Flame of Decision upon the foreheads of these who are yet the best of the fruits and harvest of My Divine Ray and Kingdom on Earth. FIRE them with the WILL TO BE what Thy Great Heart would have them be! FIRE that Flame upon their foreheads, until they WILL to be the opulent, Precipitating Presence, until they WILL to be the dignified, Embodied Youth of God, until they WILL to set aside disease, decay and death and know LIFE, until they WILL to Embody uninterrupted Harmony in the Energies of Their Being.

“No longer shall the Heart of Hercules, represented by certain chelas embodied on Earth, WILL to abide in shadows! FIRE them with the remembrance of Their God Estate, O God! FIRE Them with the WILL to become Manifest Expressions of God Control to all the sons and daughters of men, Masters, not victims of circumstance!

“FIRE Them to see with the Sight of God! FIRE Them to Hear the Celestial Voice of Their Presence! FIRE Them to move upon the Paths of Light! FIRE Them to Manifest the Healing Presence, by the release of the radiation of comfort and peace, which flows from “the hems of their garments!” FIRE Them to reject the lethargy and discordant creations of the mass consciousness of the race!

“O, Beloved Students of Light! Upon your forehead blazes the Flame of Hercules! Remember it each morning. Acknowledge it before you proceed into the activities of the outer world and WILL TO BECOME THAT WHICH GOD INTENDS!

“I Am Honoured to be the First of the Elohim to bring to you, today, some Knowledge of Our Activities, to set into motion a Rhythm, in this series of addresses, by which you may have, for yourselves, and give in printed form to the world, the Seven Fold Activity of the Mighty Elohim of Creation; which is An Individualized Process of Precipitation. This you can Embody in your own mental consciousness, to externalize that which you require.

“Beloved Ones, We have come to a point where you, who are the builders of the New Age, must enter into the Science of Creation. The slip-shod happenstance, the hopeful, faithful consciousness, taking the bitter with the better, is not enough! Such consciousness must be succeeded by a Scientific Process of Creation, through your individual mental and feeling worlds, by which you become and remain Master! Then you Channel for Us, into the world of form, those Ideas and Patterns which will Create the Nucleus of the Permanent Golden Age, which Your Great Master, Friend and Patron, Saint Germain so desires to make manifest. Through Whom shall this Age come, but yourselves?

“At this time, Saint Germain has no one else embodied here, through whom He can work, but yourselves; those who Love Him and have Served Him through the years. You are the open door! Have you thought that through? This means that your mind is a channel, through which must be lowered the ideas that fill the Realm in which He abides and then, through your minds, vitalized by your feelings, they must be precipitated into manifest expression, for the blessing of life. Therefore, your minds may be trained in the use of the powers which are the gifts of the Elohim. Follow Me closely, now, please!

“Preceding all manifestation comes the desire; then the DECISION and WILL TO DO! Preceding all activities in the outer world of form, you, too, first desire and then make a decision to use your life to endeavour to externalize some pattern, or plan. I Represent that Activity to the Elohim, and you represent that pattern for mankind!

“The Creation of ‘A Call To Grace’ is the Will To Do of one person who through his Power to Anchor My Will To Do in his Heart has come to fruition.  Now is your turn to do the same, for without that Will of yours, your manifestations shall remain happenstance and without definition or clarity.  This is your First Step to bring into physical matter, your Desire to ease the pressures that have built up within the Earth’s Crust, not just in the Cascadia Zone, but throughout the whole world.

“Remember Me, Hercules, as you move forward now, please do not accept such great limitation in your individual selves, when you know it only requires the exercise of the WILL, within you, to draw forth ALL; ALL THAT YOU REQUIRE!

“I WILL TO BE GOD FREE! In the name and by the Power of Hercules, I WILL TO BE A GOD INCARNATE!

“Say it with all your hearts! Mean it! If Buddha and Jesus did it, if Mother Mary and Kwan Yin (the Goddess of Mercy) did it, if Moses and Saint Patrick did it, cannot you? Ah, yes, my children! You are the Pillars of Hercules! You are Myself, in Action!

“I shall return again tomorrow to speak of the Importance of this Will, God Bless you!

“I Am Hercules of the Seven Mighty Elohim in your Service”.

Bless you Hercules and Amazonia, you are Dearly Loved!

Their is a lot of wisdom in this address that although we will use this Will To Do for A Call To Grace, more importantly truly get a grip with this Scientific Process to Create with for anything you desire in your life, nothing is denied you, NO THING!  To expand on that is point alone I will publish a blog separately from Beloved Vesta, in Her Address to the Elemental Grace Alliance just a month ago.  It is called 09- Protecting The Future – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – Helios and Vesta  look out for it!

Tomorrow we will create an invocation that can be used not only for the Cascadia event, but for anything that you truly desire to assist in the creation of happiness and abundance in your life. This can be used as part of the Lightgrid connections and indeed to empower such connections to the next levels of awareness.

Here is where you are going to be asked for your greater participation and share with this group any story, any thoughts, feelings that will open your heart even wider to allow the Will To Do to become that Power within that shall Blaze the Fire of Enthusiasm upon your Brow. This is an invitation only and your choice and will shall be your own to ignite or not as the case may be!

Until tomorrow, God Bless You!




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