THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS by GOD – Heavenletter #5433 – 10-9-15

Heavenletter #5433 Published on: October 9, 2015

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God said:

Take heart today. Take heart today with your head. You are on the upswing. Accept: This is God talking to you. With all My love and with all My heart, I speak to you today. BE HAPPY TODAY. I sing these words to you. Be My child who swims the Ocean on My behalf. What can you not do for God? You can be happy for God. Yes, you can even be happy for God. You can allow yourself to be happy for the love of God, for your love of God.

Here’s the secret of happiness. Forget yourself. Remember Me. Remember what you are here on Earth for. Not to serve yourself. Not to focus on yourself. Make Me happy. Even as I am happy always, be happy for Me.

You are here on Earth to serve Me. You serve Me very well when you are happy.

So, then, when you are blue, how do you become sunny? How do you change the color of this moment from gray sky to sunny sky reaching into your heart?

Be happy as you think of Me. This is not artificial. This is not pretending. This is not – absolutely not – forcing yourself to be anything. This is allowing happiness to take over your heart and soul. Look up. Think of Me. Think of making Me happy. Without obsequious attention on your own happiness, you will simply be happier. Without even polite or distant attention on your happiness, happiness will appear and thrive. Your happiness is your gift to Me. Be happy for Me.

Shine a flashlight on happiness, and you may not see it. You can’t force-feed happiness. Happiness does not have to be in the limelight. It likes to slip in more unnoticed.

Too much attention on yourself, and you are unhappy. Less attention on yourself, you are simply happier. What makes you unhappy then? Too much dwelling on yourself, and, in particular, on your own satisfaction. This makes you fussy and displeased.

Come this way to Happiness. Stop dickering about it. Stop figuring it out. Stop trapping happiness as if you were a trapper in the forest. Happiness is not prey that you hunt. Is this a revolutionary thought?

Happiness is a perception that follows you when you let it trot along beside you of its own accord. Hunt happiness without a flashlight, and happiness will find you. You will find happiness tracking you. Happiness will smile on you.

We are speaking of a natural thing. It is natural for happiness to walk beside you. Happiness is your natural state. Happiness is I as I walk beside you and hold your hand. This happiness was never meant to be seldom or out of the ordinary. Happiness is a natural event. It is not an add-on, not at all.

You do know enough to know that without happiness, something is off. It is unnatural to be unhappy. It is selfish to be unhappy. It is too much attention on yourself. In some ways, you remind Me of the Princess and the Pea. Even lying on 100 piled-up mattresses, one pea bothered the Princess.

Imagine, for a moment, if you had a personal maid, her whole attention would be on you. As a personal attendant, she wants to know that you are comfortable, that you are not over-heated and that you are not cold. She hovers over you with her attention. Are you thirsty or hungry? She reads you a checklist of a huge menu. What would you like for breakfast? Oatmeal or eggs, or both? How would you like your eggs? Sunny-side up or over-easy? Would you like one egg or two? Would you like coffee today? Dark-roast or light?

And so on. It is not all that much fun really to be waited on hand and foot.

However, this may be how you seek happiness. Do not be so obsequious to happiness. Don’t be so solicitous of it. Know happiness is coming, and do not be so fraught about it. Don’t pester happiness. Know that happiness is yours. Allow happiness to come of its own free will. Take happiness in your stride. Do not be temperamental about happiness. You are not to be the Princess and the Pea.

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