JENNIFER HOFFMANN – October Energy Report 2015

ikea_furnitureJENNIFER HOFFMANN   –   October Energy Report 2015

Finally, we have switched over to a new month and new energy. These last few days of September have been really tough as we processed the energy of the eclipses, retrogrades, astro aspects, and saw them reflected in the world stage. We also had a very large energy download in September’s final days that felt great at first, then we all had energy hangovers as we tried to process and align with these new higher frequencies. We’re on target with our individual and collective path, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So with all of that behind us, you would think that October would be ‘all systems go’ and it is, sort of. October is going to be a month for learning about alignment and resonance, where we have to first take action on the inner levels to be able to see the outer results that we want. It isn’t a matter of patience, it’s a matter of intention, seeing the process through from beginning to end, and keeping the outcome in the forefront when you need to remember why you’re doing this.

(NOTE: This month I did something different and shared energy exercises for several days before the end of September. You can find those exercises at the bottom of the page, after the October Energy Report).

October’s energies will feel a lot like what you go through when you buy furniture you have to put together. Even though I am a veteran of Ikea furniture, I get a little anxious before putting a new piece of furniture together.  What if I get everything out and the screws are missing, or the components don’t fit because the pilot holes are not aligned? What if I don’t like it when it’s completed? And the biggest question, how long is this going to take? Since I have done this quite a few times, I have a process. I gather the tools I will need, then I get all of the pieces out of the box, lay them out in order of assembly, I put the directions in a prominent place and I get started.

I know that I can refer to the picture of the final outcome if I have any questions. There are moments when I question my sanity in buying yet another piece of furniture I have to put together but when the project is finished I am usually happy with the result. And this will be the story of October. We have all of the tools and resources, all of the pieces, and the instructions to assemble our new outcomes. This is ‘do it yourself’ time, as it has always been.  And we have to put some fun in the process — life can be a chore or an adventure, it’s a matter of perspective, intention, and alignment.

We often get stuck or lost because we’re used to the more rigid 3D destiny path, where everything is laid out for us. This is the path of our karma and lessons, the one we have tried to overcome for lifetimes. Even if we don’t like that path, there some degree of comfort in the familiar. But when we leave that known path for the unknown we get nervous and uncertain, we’re afraid of doing something wrong or of creating a result that we don’t like. We have the instructions, which is our desired transformation. We also have an image of the result, which is the outcome we want to create, based on our intention. And we have the tools and parts, which is everything we have learned on our journey. How we put it together is up to us. We also have the potential to be in joy, which is an energy, not an emotion. It is our intention to be ‘in joy’, an inner action, that creates a joyful and joy-filled life.

October starts out with the remnants of the September eclipses, as well as an ongoing Mercury retrograde, which ends on October 7 but the shadow period continues for another two weeks. In Libra, it brings up relationship issues, with others and ourselves, and also points out where we sabotage ourselves, limit our outcomes, and stop before we even begin. Remember the new Jupiter cycle that began in September (ending the one that began in 2003)? It gets a boost in October from additional Virgo support from Venus and Mars, and on the 24th, when the Sun enters Virgo, the Moon will be in Pisces, another alpha/omega moment, as we had in March 2015. This is where the spiritual initiate becomes the master, where we acknowledge and accept our divinity paradigms, to integrate them into our humanity. It is another ‘heaven on earth’ moment if we stop believing in ‘the great rescue’ and start deciding how we’re going to put this furniture (our outcomes) together.

October ends with the third Venus/Mars conjunction of 2015, this one at 20 Virgo, the same degree as the  September 13 eclipse. Venus/Mars conjunctions are rather rare, having 3 in one year is quite rare. It’s the union of the divine masculine and divine feminine that we can embrace — how can we be wholly in every aspect of our energy and be in joy. October may feel like a month where false starts, re-dos, and frustrations rule but that isn’t the reason for any delays we encounter. We have to learn that it is the inner actions that we take which create our outer realities. The clearer we are about the outcomes we want and the more powerfully we state our intentions, together with the beliefs, thoughts, and actions that support our intentions, the more the finished reality will resemble our vision. We tend to blame the reality when it is only a mirror of our intention and the beliefs that do or do not support it. If we’re going to be the masters, then we have to embrace our mastery. We have all of the tools and pieces we need, the creativity can flow this month as we let go of our doubts and fears and let our imaginations run wild.

And we need to leave some room miracles because once we start on the creative path (versus the karmic path), we have access to new potentials and possibilites that we didn’t know were available. Joyful intentions create joy-filled outcomes. This is serious work but we don’t have to take it too seriously. We can have fun while we’re on the ascension path; and in fact, it unfolds more gracefully if we don’t leave our sense of humor outside the door. October may look like it starts slowly but it will gain momentum as the month progresses and in November we can start seeing the results of what we have been working on all year, so we can end 2015 on a wonderfully high note and begin 2016 with all of this behind us. Have a wonderful month.


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This month I’m doing something different to celebrate the end of September and usher in a new month, which also arrives with a new energy overlay.  Over the next 3 days you will find energy exercises here, designed to assist you in grounding, re-centering, and re-purposing your energies, to clear any residue that was brought up during September and release it so you can make the most of October’s expanded potential.


Exercise 1:  The Energy Grounding & Centering Exercise

This is a grounding exercise I first introduced in 2005 and it is very effective in grounding and balancing energy. With it you bring energy into your body from the earth and the crystalline matrix, combining them to form a protective shield of balanced and grounded light energy. You can use this Energy Grounding  Exercise any time you feel you need to re-ground, re-center, when you are feeling afraid, anxious, or need a little bit of extra energy support.

Video 1

Video 2

Exercise 2:  Enery Expansion Exercise

In this energy exercise you will learn how to expand your energy field because with an expanded energy field you can receive more energy, at higher frequencies. The bigger you can make your energy container, by learning how to expand your energy field, the easier it is to receive energy, and to manifest greater aspects of your potential because you can access the energetic frequencies and vibrations that make new opportunities possible for your reality.


Day 3:  Activating your Divine Power & Connection Energy Affirmation

This is my favorite energy affirmation, that I have been using and sharing with you for many years. In a single sentence, you affirm your divinity, connection, empowerment, sovereignty, and protection. This is a strong affirmation and when you use it you will feel the difference in your energy. You can use it daily to remind yourself that ‘I AM divinely guided, connected, secure, and protected, in all ways, and in all things.”


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