What is my Divine Plan? – by 2020 Spirtual Vision Blog – 10-2-15

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Have you asked yourself this? I have. It’s like asking, what is my purpose? If you’re not careful, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure this out. For some, the answer comes easily. For others, this question burns in them. It can become their mission.

Well guess what. You are living your Divine Plan. Yep. So take the pressure off yourself. You are right where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing. Breathe. You have done nothing wrong. You are not missing out on anything.

There is THE Divine Plan and then your Divine Plan. Both are fluid. Both are also literally mind blowing. If you’re a type A personality, you’ve probably want at least an outline and even better, detailed pages, lots of them. Step by step instructions (reassurance). You feel certain you can handle this information.

Let go.

Spirit is not to be controlled or predicted. A Divine Plan is about freedom, creativity and love. It changes in every moment.

I often read online articles and have been drawn to some of the 5D/Wave X writing. I’m a mutt so I follow many themes of spirituality. I think some hoped that by now they would KNOW. Many have spent years diligently meditating and being a student. My advice, be what has been created. You have changed. Go into the world and be yourself. Being is Spirit. Over-doing and thinking is the mind.

Trust that the Universe will find a way to guide you. Also allow time for your soul to emerge. You might think you have already done this. When you have spent many lifetimes out of alignment, it does take time to re-form this relationship. There is no rush. Everything is working out for you.

So on occasion in meditation ask, what can I do with the knowledge and skills that I possess? What is the next step? Even better… just be at peace and breathe.

Spirit is not serious so… don’t take all of this so serious.  HAVE FUN… lighten up.  That is far more attractive.

I channeled this a few weeks ago and it ties right in: https://2020spiritualvision.wordpress.com/channeled-messages/september-2015/

And I found this article online and it was helpful to read: http://gejirin.com/spirit/SPR_src/D/divine_plan.htm

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