Lee Harris – October 2015 Energy Forecast – 10-3-15


(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s spoken video message.)

Hello and welcome to the Energy Forecast for October 2015.

Before we get started, let’s just take a few breaths together.

(Lee breathes deeply in and out)



Transformation at the speed of light: This is very much where we find ourselves right now, as individuals and as a collective.

One of the ongoing themes for you this month will be noticing how many things you are going through in one day, one week, one month. This can lead many of you, particularly after the intensity of this past summer, to an October that’s going to require you to take a little more space, a little more stillness.

You might want to sleep and rest more than you usually do. Some of you might find that your high-intensity exercise or physical routines need to just come down a notch or two—so that you can actually learn to balance everything that is pulsing through your system without necessarily stirring the pot some more.

The electrical energy field of the planet is continually changing and advancing, which means that sensitivity gets higher. Those of you who are going through deep awakenings are noticing sudden sensitivity shifts. You suddenly become a lot more open. You suddenly feel and sense things a great deal more. More and more, this is happening for everybody across the planet.

Now, these shifts don’t always look very, what you might call, spiritual. But then I would argue that spirituality and spiritual people don’t always look very spiritual either, especially if we try to label them as highly enlightened, ever-peaceful, or ever-loving—because we are human. And as humanity, we are all evolving and going through our stuff in our growth here on Earth.


With these lightning speed transformations that are raising the sensitivity, some of you will notice that you need to be a lot more quiet (in addition to needing more rest and sleep) because the volume level of everything around you is a lot higher.

Some of you will notice that you just need to keep calming things down while you get used to how fast everything is going.


Regarding the people who I just mentioned—those who don’t look very spiritual—remember that there is an intensity of conflict and release energy going on for lots of people on the planet.

If you’re becoming more sensitive, what’s happening is you’re pulsing much more pure energy through your system—and that pure energy is affecting you at the levels of mind and emotions.

This is why people are acting out a little more in the everyday of humanity. They are more easily triggered, more easily irritated, more easily accusatory, more easily emotional.

So issues may arise with certain people in your life where you need to set loving, firm boundaries. There is no need for you to be on the receiving end of repetitive and abusive behavior from another person.


In general, if you can, try and remember to stay in your heart as much as possible. It will make it easier to not get so tangled up in some of the dramas or the conflicts that you’re invited to.

And if you can’t be in your heart right now, know that you’re not doing it wrong. It’s a total practice for all of us because it’s not how we have been trained. We’ve been trained to be very opinion-based, mentally focused people.

And those of you who came in wired to be highly sensitive and have found your way through your healing path—you are now in a place where you’re ready to practice more vulnerable, open, and honest communication—these are wonderful, highly supportive times for all of that.


But don’t be surprised if, from the left or the right, something comes in from your past that you find yourself playing out with someone in the present.

This is an accelerated time, and it’s a very multidimensional time. It’s a time to discover that when we agree to open in a multidimensional way, and when we are being pushed by the universal energy and life force to do that, it’s going to be chaotic at times. Therefore, one of the greatest things you can remind yourself of is that there is no getting it right.

So, if any of you out there believe that you have to get it right in your yoga practice, you have to get it right with your mother-in-law, you have to get it right with that person down the road who needs your help—try and let go of this concept of right. It’s all perspective.

You don’t need to be thinking about what’s right and wrong when you’re able to live in your heart more often … because the heart always wants to give where giving can be received and where the human body has the energy to support that giving.


This is why those of you who are over-givers might be a little freaked out right now. You may not be wanting to give to everybody all the time. But that’s fantastic! That is exactly where you need to be for a period of time.

But don’t worry. This too shall pass. You can go back to over-giving as much as you want in the future, but you’ll be doing it with a clearer sense of what you need to sustain yourself when giving … and with the discernment to choose where you can carefully give your energy and see it multiplied.


When you open up to being your more multidimensional self, going back to a linear way of being can be quite boring. It might feel a little dulled down to try and have a more linear conversation again or, especially, to have a more linear life where you’re focusing on one thing at a time.

So those of you who are opening multidimensionality and perhaps examining certain aspects of yourself—for example, over-giving—recognize that our wounds AND strengths are coming up in equal measure at the moment.

So you might be learning how to say,

“Wow, I can really give at a high-capacity, and I’m going to value and honor that. At the same time, I recognize that because I haven’t always valued my ability to give, or even seen that in myself, right now I’m dealing with the wound of over-giving. It’s showing up with this friend who is yanking my chain because I’m not giving them as much as I used to. And that hurts and wounds me. They say, “Hey! Why aren’t you doing what you used to do? You’re not a very nice person.”

If, when any of those kinds of words come at you, you feel something in your body (if it feels like a hit to your body), try to not make it about the other person. Try instead to ask yourself, “Huh, what tender point did they touch in me?”

Inquiring about and noticing your own inner reactions will very quickly bring you back to the present. That is because these reactions are very past. They can be from this lifetime or they can be generational woundings that have been carried through your family line. But, in any case, it’s all leaving and moving out now at a rapid speed.

The linear mind used to be able to track everything. It used to have plenty of time to reflect, digest, and go, “Three months ago I had this great breakthrough and I’m still riding on it.” Now it’s like three hours have gone by and you’ve forgotten about it—because you haven’t got time to track everything. And that’s okay.

The more you get into your heart, the less you need to track everything.


To come full circle, remember…

  • Practice being in the heart.
  • There is no mental right or wrong in human conflict disagreements – there are perspectives.
  • You may find yourself going through transformational relationship issues with other people—which might be key for helping you to change things from the past or change how you feel about yourself in the now.

Certain people may help mirror new parts of you—parts that previously you weren’t able to bring forward or celebrate.

Coupled with all of that, there will also be these extraordinary new energies coming through you that you won’t have a roadmap for—because they are new. You’re the child learning to walk again. And as that happens it is a little chaotic, it is a little messy sometimes, and that’s okay – you’re new!


In your newness, this is a great opportunity for those of you who have an idea that you have to be a certain way all the time to let that go. Because if you stay in bondage to that idea, you help to keep others in bondage to limiting ideas of who they are. In other words, they stay bound to who they are because you won’t let go of who you are—even when you’re feeling the impulse to make changes in how you communicate, how you show up, and in what you do.


So, I may have confused you slightly because at the very beginning of this I talked about becoming slower and more still. But I’m also talking about acceleration and speed and all the details going on inside and around you.

What I’m trying to address in this video are the multidimensional layers of everything that are impacting and surrounding us at the moment. So if you feel like you’re going a bit crazy, you can see, “Oh, I’m not going crazy. This is just how fast everything is going. This is just how much I’m feeling everything. This is just how sensitive I am.”


Remember you can always shut the door. You can shut the door by finding a room or space in your environment where it’s just you for a moment. And if you’re struggling with that because you don’t get those kinds of opportunities, here’s a way to shut the door.

(Lee breathes deeply and closes his eyes)

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply.

As I told people at a seminar a few years ago, this was one of my tricks when I was still learning my boundaries and needed some tricks to help me when I was among people and felt over-stimulated.

I would go to the bathroom—or the toilet, as we like to call it in England—and it wasn’t that I needed the facilities. It was more that in that moment I got to remove myself from the group and go by myself to a place where I’m supposed to be by myself. I would do a self-check:

“How am I right now? Where am I? Oh, I’m over-stimulated. Or my blood sugar feels low. Or that angry man is beginning to bother me, and I think I need to just have a break from him for a while.”

Do these regular checks of yourself more than ever at the moment. So whether you’re on the train, in a work meeting, out with friends and family, or anywhere else, just take a breath and check inside:

“How’s my inner world? Oh, it’s chaotic. Okay, so I shouldn’t take more stimulation right now. I should bring it down.”

Ironically, we’re in a world that offers us more external stimulation than ever before. But I think that’s perfect, because those external stimulators show us how the energy of everything has changed here on this planet. And it can also direct us back to stillness and to the beauties of nature…


I’m filming this month beneath this amazing tree here in Saint Helena … powerful land in California. The reason I wanted us to be under here together is because this tree really activated me when I first saw it. The ancient, magic energy it holds feels to me very much like what is moving through our planet right now – ancient, magic energy.

I realize that it doesn’t always look that way when you notice things you don’t like about the modern world. But if you can, try to remember the ancient, magic energy that we are all connected to, the energy that is now renewing in all of us and finding new circuits in our bodies.

The way to remember it if you’re stuck and stressed is to close your eyes and just for some minutes, breathe deeply. Use deep breathing as a little tool this month, and see how it goes for you.

Until next month, everybody, lots of love. Take really good care of yourselves in these lightning times … and see you soon.




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