Galactic Connection – Comet ISON returns in 2015 – U-turn around the incoming Brown Dwarf – The Son of the Creator Comes – 10-1-15


Remember the passage of Comet ISON in November 2013? It’s coming back after having done a quick U-turn, probably around the Brown Dwarf (a star) already in our solar system, and will be back sometime before the end of this year – dates vary between videos, with Earth’s passage through its tail either in January or earlier. Two links to pictures of the incoming are at the end.

Alexandra's Radio Show

via Alexandra Meador


This is a transcript of a video.  (Removed, just now).


( DUANE:  Yesterday,  Zorra announced that Prime Creator is planning a big Event for us. I’m betting this will be a celestial event, designed to raise our Consciousness and help our Ascension.   ISON is a Comet accompanied by 2 motherships.   Search results:   –   You are 5th Dimensionals now.  No more fear.  Find Love and Truth in your Sacred Heart.)


Hello Brothers and Sisters, I have something I’d like to bring to your awareness about ISON. I, just like many others, have been seeking connections to make sense of our past, to work out the reality of the present and forecast it into the future. I will start off this rabbit hole with a short video of an ancient artefact.

Speaker #2 – This is the so-called pyramid with the shining eye. Even Tim used it for his new best seller. So it means it is a very very famous but also very very old symbol, and this is the only existing really pyramid with the eye. It has exactly thirteen steps like the pyramid on the 1 U.S. dollar.

The strange thing with this one, and other artefacts found in Ecuador, that if you put black light on it, the eye shines really very very strong, and the natural color is kind of light green and grey. And the most impressing for me was that on the bottom of the pyramid, you have, here, in gold inlays the Orion constellation and an unknown writing. This unknown writing be found on stones all over the world. In Ecuador, in Columbia, in Illinois, in –1m34s– France, in Calabria Italy, in Turkmenistan, in Malta, and Rex Kilroy has some pictures on his website, and I found out that some of the stones, he shows, with unknown writing, presents the same writing. That means there must have existed a global civilisation long long time ago.


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