ZORRA SPEAKS FROM HOLLOW EARTH – WAVE X stalled over Earth – Awakening your inbred powers – You will become enlghtened beings – Change this world with your God Power – Hidden Technologies to be brought to Earth for the People – Prime Creator is preparing Glorious event – Your DNA Codes are awakening – Massive number of Dreams, often Lucid – You are becoming more crystalline, lighter in your bodies! – 10-3-15


TOPIC SUMMARY:    Letting go of all Lower Density Thoughts   –   Wave X stalled over Earth   –  New abilities being realized: Telekinesis,Telepathy, Psycho-kinesis, Clairvoyance, Awakening your inbred powers,    –   We are more sensitive to Energy   –   New Gov resignations coming   –   New Governance taking shape   –   Media being freed up   –   Revaluation moving along   –   Dinar, Dong large exchanges taking place   –   You are an unlimited force   –   You do not die – You Ascend   –   You will become enlghtened beings   –   Change this world with your God Power   –   6 Major Nations share a base on the dark side of the Moon   –   We have colonies inside some of the Planets and Moons   –   There is no separation between our governments   –   Tesla Projects working full force many years   –   Hidden Technologies to be brought to Earth for the People   –   New Inventions Coming   –   Prime Creator is preparing Glorious event in coming weeks for Humanity   –   Look forward to seein your media change, more factual   –   Watch Gov Officials they are changing their attitudes   –   Wistleblowers bring forth the Truth   –   Time to take off the Masks   –   Disclosure coming, but must not alarm the People   –   Your DNA Codes are awakening   –   Key Code being activated  – will create  AHA, epiphany of all that you have been missing   –   You will see, feel things you have not felt before   –   Licid Visions   –   Massive number of dreams which you shall remember upon awakening  –   Everything we are giving to you is for your benefit  –   Reclaim your Godhood, your healing power   –   You are becoming more crystalline, lighter in your bodies


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And how be you, Beloved Masters?

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