PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – The Divine Spark – 5th Dimensional Consciousness – 10-2-15


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Everlasting Love is Timeless and Eternal. It is the substance of Eternal Being in the Present Moment (5th Dimensional Consciousness)  that one experiences first within oneself.

Through the application of Unconditional Compassion, Acceptance and Forgiveness, to all areas of awareness within oneself, including Mind, Body and Spirit, one permeates all aspects of Being, in the Present Moment, with the Substance of Everlasting Love.

Staying focused on the Feeling Substance of the Highest of Highest Everlasting Divine Love within Oneself, and allowing oneself to overflow with this Love, Abundantly, creates within oneself, the ever-present Fuel of Creation, that ignites within oneself, the Divine Spark of Creation.

This Divine Spark of Creation, arising in the Present moment, out of nothingness, is the Causal Substance that forms the Dream Substance, of All That is, into Being and into Form.

Breathe deeply this Everlasting Love, and drink of it. It is the never-ending wellspring where you receive deep nourishment and Comfort. It is the Heart of Divinity, that draws Everlasting Light and Everlasting Love, unto itself.

It is your Home.

It is the substance that your Soul was Created from.

Immerse yourself in the “Feeling Nature” of Everlasting Love, This Substance of Creation.

Be the Nothingness that Arises out of Emptiness.

It is, the Divine Spark, of All That is, that eternally Forms itself, from the Un-Manifest to the Manifest of Creation.

everlasting love

Eternal Everlasting Love!

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