Heavenletter #5425 – The Light of the Ocean – 10-1-15

Mother Father God

Heavenletter #5425 Published on: October 1, 2015

God said:

It is good just to be with Me. What more do you want?

We do not have to talk. We do not have to think, for We also exist beyond thought. There is nothing you have to do but come to Me. Welcome yourself to Me. Come to Me in your awareness. This is not an act that you initiate. This happens of itself. This will most certainly come of itself.

This is not something you do. You don’t DO it. No one can DO it. It IS. And, yet, you walk into the Kingdom of Heaven. You do not stand on ceremony. You have already had a star-spangled invitation. There never was a time you did not. You may have overlooked an invitation. Just couldn’t see it. Perhaps thought it was a bill that had come in the mail.

Your invitation can arrive like this:

You are washing dishes, and you hear a knock on the door. You did not know there would be a knock on the door at this moment. You dry your hands on your apron, and you open the door. And here I am. I suggest you anticipate this knock on the door. I WILL knock on your door.

One day, if only for a moment, you will open the door that I knocked on. You will find yourself spontaneously before Me in your Awareness. It is as if you are witnessing yourself. You are not making this happen. You are watching it happen. You are Light bowing down to Light, your Very Self.

Without effort or even intention on your part, you become all Light. Maybe just for a bleep of a moment, you are no longer encased in a body. Wow, you are light before Me.

It is as if the personal you has merged into Light. Solely, you are My Light. You, the individual you that you predicated your life on has disappeared as if by alchemy.

It is like you are swimming in the Ocean, and then you become the Light of the Ocean. Light is the Essence of the Ocean. You are Light.

Beloveds, say hello to Light, for Light is the Essence of you. You are Light. That’s all you are. When I say that this is all you are, this is not to say you are less. This is to say you are Great. This is to say that you are All.

For however long or short a time, if only for a moment, you come to your Realness. You see your Self. By God, you are Light!

You are not only Light. You are My Light. The Light I AM, you are. We are Light. We are the Magnificence of Light. My Magnificence is yours. There are no comparisons to make except in the world. Comparisons are a made-up world thing. We are Light.

There comes the time when it truly sinks into you that there is no you and no I as partitioned.

Yes, this is a State of Consciousness. This is Being. This is Love. There are no questions about it. Love IS. And you are Love. Furthermore, you, as if there were a you, are the Love I AM. You are simply Love. There is nothing else. You have no choice about it. Only in the world do you think you do.

Not knowing your Self leaves you open to difficulties. Not knowing yourself as your Self is ignorance. Ignorance and innocence are not the same. Ignorance is being closed, shut down, perhaps above it all. Ignorance asks for an I.D.

Innocence is openness. Innocence anticipates. Innocence doesn’t have a peephole to look through before opening the door. Innocence opens the door wide and says, “Welcome. Come on in. I have been waiting for You.”

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