Karen Dover – Arrival of the New Earth – GOD’s promise delivered – 9-27-15




Karen Dover

We are told in the Book of Revelations that the old earth construct will be no more and we will see a new heaven and a new earth.  The new earth is a physical reality which is reached through dissolving the old earth construct from within. This process is INTERNAL, all of that which is presented to us in our outer waking reality is a reflection of what we are running internally.  One of the biggest lies of the old earth construct is in relation to “outer waking reality” with false teachings that seek to present a unified reality that ALL experience and share. It is simply not possible to share a reality with anyone else as each person exists within a human vehicle that is unique and interprets the outer waking reality differently.  

To give a very simple example visualize a group of people standing looking at a tree. The human logical mind is taught to accept that everyone standing looking at said tree is “sharing” the experience but this is not TRUTH. Each person will see what they are able to see in respect of the entire scenario. Some people will PERCEIVE the tree to be a shade of green, taller or smaller or wider or narrower than the person next to them due to the physical make up of their human vehicle. It may APPEAR that all are sharing the experience but how each person FEELS will also alter the picture that is presented and the EXPERIENCE that is being interacted with.  I use this simple example to show how easy it is to fool the human logical mind into accepting “shared reality”.

Reality is no more solid than the wind and yet the old earth construct will continue to teach that it is. It will continue to present scenarios to us that seek to teach us that we are at the mercy of those around us, that others can “take” from us and that we must “fight” to survive.  All of these teachings trigger the emotional residue that we are taught to keep tight hold of within said construct. One of the major teachings of the old earth is the “lest we forget”. In this false teaching we are repeatedly taught to hold on to a “previous” experience in order that we never repeat it. If we hold on to ANY experience and the resulting emotional residue that is attached to it then we simply recreate the experience over and over. It may be experienced with other people, in other locations but the experience is simply another manifestation of the original emotional residue. As ALL is frequency it is frequency that determines what we can or cannot experience. Many are locked into this false teaching seeking to “prove” their own pain and filtering out that the old earth construct is designed to trigger said pain, in essence we are taught how to construct and maintain our own emotional prisons.  

The new earth is reached beyond these emotional prisons. We simply cannot walk in a new reality running any of the frequencies of the old earth construct.  Many people believe that the new earth is available only at a spiritual level and this is simply not TRUTH, it is a physical waking reality that lies beyond the constructs we have built internally. 

In order to walk in the new earth we must let go of the wounds of the old earth, we must WILLINGLY give up all of the pain, trauma and grief that we have collected in our walk within the old earth construct. This is not as simple as it looks for the old earth does not let up one bit as we attempt to walk out of it. Indeed many find that the old earth bombards them continually with the emotional triggers and allow themselves to fall once again to said triggers.

The process of ascension to evolution is designed to trigger the emotional residue in order that we both recognize and ACKNOWLEDGE it. Many live their lives in full reaction mode, consciously unaware of the internal wounds and emotional damage that they have allowed the old earth to persuade them to keep tight hold of. Redemption and salvation are tools of RELEASE from the old earth construct.  Unfortunately many have fallen to the construct that is “religion” and allow others to judge them. Judgement sits with GOD our creator and ONLY with GOD.  We have simply been taught within the old earth construct to deny our own pain and indeed we are taught how to defend our wounds.  This is against the WORD of GOD which clearly states that salvation is granted to us upon request. There is nothing that GOD will not forgive us for but to reach forgiveness we have to first of all acknowledge the wound(s) that we are taught to keep hidden from the world. 

Shame, anger, resentment and grief are feeding grounds for the old earth construct.  We must begin to acknowledge that we were never created to be perfect, to acknowledge that our experiences are NOT us, we have simply been taught to accept this lie.  The struggle for life ends when we simply acknowledge that we are enough, that we cannot do this alone, that indeed we are never alone and that Christ will take our hand and lead us home, we need only ever acknowledge to ourselves that we need to come home in TRUTH. 

Struggle is a choice, just because we can physically see no other choice than to struggle to survive does not make struggle TRUTH it simply means that our human eyes can see no other option. THERE IS ALWAYS CHOICE even when we cannot physically see it. Our human vehicles are hardwired to the LOVE that IS.  The dissonance and the feeling that “something is missing” is our key to understanding our own release from the prison of the old earth construct. 

Following our heart and listening to our heart space is key to the process. For our heads may be screaming “stop, hold on” but our heart will always show us how to come home in TRUTH.  At this time the gates to the new earth are being thrown open.  We are being asked to open our hearts and to walk out of the emotional prison that seeks to keep us locked into a construct that wishes nothing more than to destroy us at every opportunity. 

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X 

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

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