Heavenletter #5422 – I Sing You A Love Song – 9-28-15



God said:

I sing you a love song. Do you hear it? My song reverberates through every inch of you. From cell to cell, through your bloodstream, pulsed by your heart. The love song I sing pulsates through your heart along to the world, first from My heart to the heart you call yours. My heart bursts with love, and soon, very soon, you will also live fully the Oneness of Heart that We share.

The bursting of what We will still identify as your heart – bursting more than bubbling – will yet be quiet and calm. Your heart isn’t flat, yet it will be calm. Your heart will be a silent opera. Oh, My, yes, your heart will be overcome with love shining through, yet your sense of your heart will be overcome – not with crescendo – but with silent waves of love. There will no longer be a contrast. Your heart will have ascended from which there is no departure, this, your heart in its natural state.

All the static and arguments and hurts will go. Now you will know what glory is, yet it will be no great fanfare. This Silence of Joy will clarify the pure stream of your heart. This is how butter is clarified into ghee, the impurities disappear, purity alone remains.

Purity is absence of what does not belong.

The fun is about to begin! It will be fun like how the Silent Sun rises in the morning. The Sun doesn’t jump up and down. It simply rises. The Sun does nothing but rise and shine. Whatever clouds do, no matter how clouds may shroud the Sun, the Sun does its thing. The Sun is imperturbable.

This is a comparison to your newly-known heart that you now come closer to in your awareness. I AM the Sun, and you are the Sun, and you are also the Sun you receive. You merit the Sun. You see through everything, and you see the Sun, and the Sun is yourself resplendent in waves of silence.

Waves is an important word. The sea has waves, for the sea flows in waves. You too flow in waves. Waves are the pulse of you. It is not that waves come and go. No, it is that One Wave continues to surge forward until there is no disputing that We are One. Seemingly fragile you on Earth are perpetual waves of love, and all love is Mine, just as you are Mine, just as you are My Self shining in splendor.

No more teetering and tottering for you. There is no cliff for you be at the edge of. No pit into which you can fall. Pure evenness of light. Pure evenness of love. There is nothing blah, yet there is Evenness of Wonder.

I sing a Song of Love. This is all I know to sing. I do not compose My Song. It is composed the way Creation composed Itself. This song arises of its own volition. I received it. I beheld it. It was singing itself. This Song of Love is spontaneous, and now you are spontaneous. Nothing needs to be planned out arduously. Now, no longer do you hold life a prisoner and tell it what to do.

If life were a Great Ship, you sail your life over the Mighty Main. You arrive in the Harbor of Love from which you no longer can vary. And why would you? You are Heaven bound, bound in the sense that Heaven is your destination. This is what you have been destined for. Ah, the Freedom of Love where nothing is a duty, and all is love bountiful.

Welcome Home, Myself. Welcome. We have always been here as One. Now the cataracts are gone from your Eyes of Love, and now you are fully In Love.

This is your story in a nutshell.

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