Lisa Transcendence Brown in Kilauea, Hawaii – WAVE X SYMPTOMS

Okay loves, IT has begun…

Whatever you identify with for this period, we’ve entered into HUGE LIGHT UPGRADES that are bombarding the physical body, so that all can physically be moved into higher frequency bandwidths (the Higher Realms, more expanded dimensions, alternate Universes, wherever you are for you).

These crystalline blasts are to target anything old, anything of a lower vibration. These are purification frequencies huge.

Whole body detox, cleansing and working through every organ, every muscle. I personally have not experienced anything this strong all at once for years. Tells me to get ready and just to go get in my vortex in my bed and go as intense as I can handle for faster integration and embodiment here.

I had pretty much cleared my calendar for the week. Everytime I feel to do this, it’s important.

Where one is out and busy, walking around, in the physical dimension that is “lower”, it’s not as noticeable. In our own VORTEX/LIGHT SHIP space it’s much more amplified, as we are in all dimensions at one time here. I like it amplified, full blown and fast….

Lower body may dump, whole “column” up the body, vortexes…. nausea, vomiting to get the upper realms cleared, fever, mucus, muscles ….

This feels like the “worst flu” and everything else thrown in I’ve ever experienced. Yet it only lasted an hour, and while it’s intense, it’s not. It’s all okay. It’s a physical body release and upgrade that we’ve waited for for a long time. It moves through the body faster when we honor it and even now, it starts to switch to other things activating. Cells charging and starting to move about. The back/spine/shoulders…. The front and back of the spine, our Light Column/Pillar of Light… getting upgraded huge….

FLU = Frequency Light Upgrades
HEATING UP = Expansion of Consciousness and burning off old residue programs. Cooling down is another part where we go to freezing too.
SUGAR DROPPING = The body needs sugar to process beyond what the human mind understands.
MEMORY GOES, GRAVITY GOES…. all a part of physical ascension and changing dimensions.
HEADACHE/MIGRAINE = Pineal gland and neural pathways opening, other parts of the brain going through remapping as consciousness expands… there’s tons that goes on here… more “thinking”, more it hurts…
Teeth, Gums, Itching under skin… all a part of these upgrades….

There is so much more….and a multitude of higher realm explanations for what is “normal” for EVOLVING IN LIGHT.
AMNESIA = Veils between the dimensional realms
GRAVITY GOES = As you ascend to higher frequency dimension, as the heart opens, stays open and you fill up with photonic float…. literally. We are supposed to float and fly!

Things leaving the body are the old programs.

The bones the structures. The muscles, the gridwork… The organs and support parts are the systems…..

All must hold light, crystals must activate in your body… The LightBody is upgrading and needs all our power to do this, so the physical body gets depleted as our power gets “re-worked” and how we function does too. Shutting down, just letting go and letting the upgrades occur…. my chosen way…. each will decide for them….

These are not symptoms… these are RESPONSES to LIGHT AFFECTS of your higher self existence coming from within your physical structure… this is what happens when all are moving into/as multi-dimensionality here. The body has to HOLD THIS LIGHT and all that is not light is cleared out. It was deeply ingrained in every fiber and particle of us…..

Now, intentionally honoring the process allows us to embody faster here. The head region will come next. Right now it’s moving to the whole chest wall (hearts)… and up….

Weak = Upgrades and your body need to lay, rest, relax, sleep….

Water where dehydrating as the crystals activate the kidneys, organs, lymphatic system, gut region …

Pay attention to your physical body as these crystals and light activate in your body while you are upgrading to these super high frequencies to leave the old behind. Honor you.

There’s no suffering here… there’s understanding, honoring and moving through it with as much ease as is possible for the upgrade that you have been waiting for… we all have.

I’ll update where called, yet I’m pulling back this week to honor the process however it unfolds for me too. This part is easy when we do this. I love you and happy NEW BEGINNINGS in every moment!

p.s When I can feel them, they are HUGE… I welcome it, love it, appreciate it. We EMERGE IN MAGNIFICENCE….. ☼ We are cycling through activations and frequencies fast….

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Light BEing Embodiment Guide and Multi-Dimensional Master(y)

p.s. I’ve written on this for years. It’s spread across posts, books, telesummits, courses and more. ∞

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