Hilarion on Kundalini Energy – 9-23-15

Lord MaitreyaHilarion on Kundalini Energy  –   9-23-15

I come to you today from the 29th loka.

I would like to share with you just a little bit around the kundalini energy which may rise from your base chakras upward
throughout the sushumna channel within your spinal column.

Arise spontaneously and it will glide with greater ease.

I am sharing a way where you will not need the pranayams, the breathings and such.

In this way it will actually be rising and flowing more smoothly.

This is also the way of the chinese shakyamuni, my lord gautama.

If you balance the elements ,( as we are emerging from piscean age),
of earth, wood. metal and water,

your kundalini will rise in the smoothness of what we, and how we have shared.

If you combine the soon to be influx of breathing pranayams and other practices,

it will not be the rising we are speaking of.

It will be born in different energies and will not rise the same way.

As they say, (because of the nature of it),  this is a take it or leave it proposition.

We know you appreciate our clarity.

And we love you with all of our heart.



Lord Maitreya has asked Master Hilarion to deliver the final portion of the message :
Different people have different energies.
On a practical level different personalities have different energies.
Sometimes certain people at times may frustrate you.
Others may confuse you.

Still others may bore you.

Whatever the case, wouldnt it be nice to experience a bit more fluid and in your power inner reactions when those times occur.

Working with the elements of wood, earth, metal and water , just feel them, will translate to working , whatever with
as these elements also represent some of the qualities and tendencies of human personalities.

Yes, you will not lose your inner power.

You will be able to be kind.
You will be able to and feel free  to deliver some force of personality
if your intuition delivers that through you.

So here is your practice…

Practice balancing the ‘chinese’ elements of wood earth metal water .

Looking at it as chinese gives a brilliant energetic experience to guide you.

But looking at those elements without bringing in the chinese part , has a differing energetic signature.

Chinese first, later try other.

If do this, maybe have very quite different experience watch others, look others, hear others, feel others.

This is a way that affects, moves, your inner intelligences.

And they like it.

So we are Hilarion and Gautama,

and we love you, and good night.


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