COBRA – Meditation For Europe Report – 9-22-15

Meditation For Europe Report ~ Cobra ~ 22 September 2015

The Europe meditation worked! Cobra is now requesting that we do it daily, at the same time, until the situation eases sufficiently, with the aid of the above image of a Halafian pottery. The details are in Cobra’s update. I found myself calling upon Dou Mu on an impulse when I was doing the meditation, so I’ll likely continue to do that plus use the image.

Please also note that Cobra does not expect anything overly dramatic to occur on the 28th “meme”.

PS. I forgot to mention one important thing. In the months leading up to December 2012, Cobra was one of the lone voices who didn’t think that mass Ascension would occur (although it was an important energetic marker that resulted in an energetic shift).

Source: The Portal

Meditation for Europe was a great success. Masses of people have responded very quickly to the call and together we have managed to stabilize the energy in Europe to a great extent. It is interesting to note that response was the greatest in countries most affected with refugee crisis: Germany and Hungary. Although the source of the refugee crisis (the Cabal) has not been removed yet, our vigilance and rapid action can counteract the consequences of their actions to a great extent.

Therefore the Light forces have requested that we keep holding the focus and do this meditation daily at the same time (7 pm Central European Summer Time) until the situation is stabilized further.

Those who feel guided to participate can find instructions here:

Time zone converter for you to find the exact time of the meditation for your location is found at the same link.

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