Sanat Kumara on Ascension on An Hour with an Angel – by Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon – 9-17-15

Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara on Ascension on An Hour with an Angel  –   by Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon   –   9-17-15

Sanat Kumara was our guest on An Hour with an Angel Sept. 17 and discussed recent rumors that Sept. 28 is the date of the first wave of Ascension.

He pointed out that people have been ascending through the Ascension portal for some time now and so it isn’t accurate to speak of a first wave at this time.

He said that we humans want dates. We want to mark occasion and so the Company of Heaven is content to allow us to create dates. But there is not a special Acension wave planned for Sept. 28. We are capable, in these higher energies, of ascending now, or tomorrow, or the next day.

As for a third of the planet ascending, perhaps a third have already ascended. No, they do not disappear from the Earth.

The level of energy being sent to us is unprecedented. It is coming from all levels of beings – archangels, seraphim, elohim, etc.

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He described the new additive nature of evolution for us from her eon in, as compared with the dissolutive nature of life in the old Third. He described the “new domain” that we’re creating and how we’re cocreating it with the Company of Heaven.

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This week we’ll speak with the planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, about suggestions that the first wave of Ascension will occur on Sept. 28.

I already spoke with Archangel Michael Sept. 16 in a personal reading and he said that the Ascension process is not somehow restricted to the 28th, but that it’s taking place “now.” We’ll be “going” to (we won’t actually be travelling) an entirely new domain, one that was not here before.

This new domain is consistent with the fact that we’ll be the first Ascension ever and anywhere to “go” with our physical bodies.

And we’ll be multidimensional: that is, we’ll be able to visit multiple dimensions, not be restricted simply to the Fifth. This too is a new feature of life in this newly-formed domain. Pilgrims travelling through the afterlife planes (what they call dimensions on the other side) are not able to freely travel the other dimensions.

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