Joy Passion Desire Blog – What Compassion Really Is – 9-16-15

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Utter compassion is a complete and not freaking out awareness of where someone is. That is utter compassion. Just think about it. If there is the slightest discomfort as you look at where someone is, you’ve got nothing to give them.

So utter compassion must be the okay-ness of where you are, the all-rightness of where you are, because after all, it’s temporary, and it’s the beginning of where you’re going.


Can you feel it? It’s huge. It’s the missing piece.

It’s the piece that medicine is looking for.

It’s the piece that everyone who’s wanting to feel good is looking for.

It’s what’s missing in relationships that aren’t working.

It’s the piece.

The okay-ness with what is. Because it’s so temporary. And because IT, this blessed ‘what is’, produced this. And without this blessed ‘what is’, this expanded being-ness, which is the promise of eternity, could not exist.”

Abraham Hicks, 9/3/11

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