Steve Beckow – A Time for Discernment – 7-13-15

ascended-mastersSteve Beckow   –   A Time for Discernment   –   7-13-15

I’ve just read a channeled message that advises us that there have been meetings with the cabal to tell them that their end is nigh.

The message says that Sananda was accompanied by the Mother and Father and “others” of the Company of Heaven. It says the meeting was held in the Third Dimension and it was necessary to appear before the cabal because it needed to see that the Company of Heaven meant business. It argued that the cabal didn’t believe in the higher dimensions. It said that members of the cabal were astonished because they had never seen such beings before.

And the message went on.

Folks, tell me that your discernment is sharp enough to catch the tell-tale signs of a message that has no validity. As we head into what is being said to be the run-up to the first wave of Ascension, we’ll be reading a lot of channeled messages, many of them from new sources. The cabal itself may even disseminate false messages.  We need to be able to rely on our own discernment.

Some new channels will feature a little awkwardness in their messages. We published one recently that does. These don’t rule a message out of court.

Let’s look at the excerpt from the message in question and see what doesn’t ring true.

Accompanied by the Mother and Father? I doubt it. The Father is beyond the dimensions, beyond materiality, formless, transcendental. No one has ever seen the Father and ever will. And yet Sananda was accompanied by him?

Good luck getting him to a meeting.

“Others” of the Company of Heaven? The Father is not a member of the Company of Heaven and could never be one among many or one in any group. Where the Father is, there are no “others.”

If either the Mother or the Father attended these meetings, all the participants would now be instantly ascended probably by a number of dimensions.

Meeting in the 3rd Dimension? That was gone some time ago.

Appearing to the leaders of the cabal for them to believe we mean business?  Envoys from the Company of Heaven have been appearing before the cabal for years. It hasn’t stopped many of the cabal.

The cabal was astonished by the appearance of higher beings? No, the cabal has been speaking to extraterrestrials and higher-dimensional beings for decades and have seen Archangel Michael and others for years.

The cabal even refused to believe there were higher dimensions above the 4th where they thought they reigned supreme?  The cabal knows about the higher dimensions. They know sufficient about universal law to ask a group of higher-dimensional beings visiting our solar system in a very large mothership recently to leave (and the ETs respected that request and did leave).

So, yes, we may post some new channels at this time, even if they feature a few awkwardnesses. But we draw back from posting those with so many inconsistencies, contradictions, implausibilities, improbabilities and impossibilities that the credibility of the source is seriously brought into question.

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