Shifts Waiting to Occur – St Germain via Natalie Glasson – Gateway To Enlightenment, by Francoise – 9-9-15


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Saint Germain  via  Natalie Gasson   –   The Shifts Waiting to Occur   –   9-9-15
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Saint Germain

In a time of such inner transformation it can be challenging to accept or recognise that greater shifts are waiting to occur for yourself, humanity and the Earth. Most of these shifts are inconceivable within your mind and yet they are already present within your soul and will be transmitted to your mind for manifestation at a physical level. You are the creator of all shifts and transformations occurring within your being and you are also supporting the same for humanity and the Earth. You may feel that your efforts are not good enough or wonder how you could possibly be assisting the Earth, even people you do not know in their ascension when you have little or no idea of your own ascension pathway and purpose. This poises an interesting question, is knowing and knowledge more important or valuable than faith or belief? Which would you choose to be a key focus in your ascension pathw ay, the quest for wisdom or the development of belief and trust?


I invite you to contemplate these questions because they are two pathways, both intriguing and rewarding, however they are very different. Many light workers seek wisdom from within their beings and in their outer reality, they desire to have spiritual knowledge as this it seems will support a spiritual reality and Creator embodiment. While some faith and trust is placed upon the wisdom and knowledge gained there is a constant desire and maybe even strive to access a greater understanding of self and the Creator in order to move along the pathway to enlightenment.  This means the light worker may never truly embody the wisdom although they will know it well in their minds.


Other light workers may not wish to access spiritual wisdom and knowledge; to know within their mind the workings of the universe, the Creator and even their own being has little value. Greater value is placed upon belief, faith and trust in the Creator, in being on the divine pathway, receiving all that is necessary and needed, generally being supported by the Creator in all ways. Such people believe even when there is no evidence and yet because of their trust in the Creator evidence comes in many moments within their daily reality.


Which do you perceive yourself to be, a soul seeking spiritual knowledge or a soul wishing to experience the complete embrace and support of the Creator? I only invite you to contemplate this question as it will bring clarity to your focus for moving easily through your ascension. It is most probably you will recognise that you seek spiritual knowledge as well as trust in the support of the Creator. You may also recognise that one is more prominent within your being than the other. You may wish to look into enhancing and further developing the area of lack as a step for greater enlightenment.  As well you may wish to acknowledge that one enhances the mind while the other enriches the heart. The mind is always seeking answers and in many ways can never be satisfied while the heart already knows all the answers or wisdom and so simply seeks to exist. In order to exist there is a ne ed for faith, trust and belief in all that is the Creator within and around you. With my sharing you may wish to dedicate yourself to realising the natural and ever present vibration of faith, trust and belief within your heart. This energy is effortless for your heart to express and to influence your entire being, it is a constant energy which aligns you to the Creator, encouraging you to exist in the divine flow of the Creator, continuously guided and supported.


You may deem yourself not advanced enough to access ascension and enlightenment because you perceive you do not have the knowledge and knowhow of others, yet if you let this go and allow yourself to focus within, you realise you are a natural being of creation. Everything you require and need is within your being already, there is very little searching or seeking that is required, the greatest energies which are valuable to enhance are your faith, trust and belief as this will allow you to accept the support of the Creator through and around you. With these energies you welcome yourself into a serene state where everything is easy and effortless as you have encouraged the mind to no longer overwork as well as supporting your heart to become the expansion it is able to be. In truth I am inviting you to change your perspective of yourself and the way you believe you have to achieve your ascension on the Earth. When you trust in the Creator within and around you wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment will flow from within you with very little effort.


This is the transition many are making on the Earth at this time, simply it can be labelled moving from the mind to the heart and yet it is such a complex shift only because it will influence every part of your being, reality and the world. Allow yourself to just think for a moment all of the belief systems that humanity holds which would be broken down and dissolved eternally. The understanding of working in order to fulfil ones needs would be erased, suffering especially poverty and hunger would gradually be removed even the understanding that technology is needed to enhance lifestyles, communication and happiness. With this simple transition of moving from the mind and knowledge to the heart and trust the entire world would be altered and shifted first from within your own being, then becoming evident in humanity as well as their actions and the world.


It is very important to contemplate the changes to life upon the Earth which would be made by people moving their trust and faith from the mind to the heart allowing the wealth of the Creator’s light, love, consciousness and wisdom to explode in to manifestation upon the Earth. When you imagine all the shifts, transitions and transformations that would automatically and naturally be made you are actually bringing them into fruition, you are allowing your heart to bring forth new opportunities and realities for yourself and all of humanity to experience which are predominantly focused upon receiving and expressing the Creator. You may also recognise that there are many people on the Earth who are fighting the process of awakening vibrations of trust, faith and belief from their hearts, instead they are allowing their thoughts to guide them which can only cause pain, suffering and even destruction. For those that wish to continue to be dominated by their quest for knowledge and any pursuit of the mind, the love of your heart is the greatest remedy. I share this with you now as it is the present and future shift which are occurring on the Earth. Every transition will have this at the focus, it will be the core of all matters in your reality and the world. It is a time for rebirth of the mind into a new divine expression, however in order for this to occur old thought processes and perspectives are required to be eradicated which can only take place through awakening trust, faith and belief from your heart chakra; a direct gateway to your soul and the Creator. With the mental body transforming so the heart chakra will be further supported to transform impacting positively and beautifully upon all other aspects of your being.


To begin this process I wish to share an invocation to enhance your faith, trust and belief in igniting from your heart chakra.


‘I am aware of the shifts taking place within my being and upon the Earth now, I am ready and willing to assist and support the necessary transitions in taking place within my being encouraging me to move my focus to living from my heart with ease and perfection, rather than from my mind and mental body. I realise to seek knowledge and a belief that knowledge will aid my enlightenment no longer serves me, I instead focus my attention into my heart chakra to allow myself to exist from my heart centre. I now invite my heart chakra to activate the vibrations of faith, trust and belief in the Creator flowing through me and existing all around me. As I feel and experience vibrations of faith, trust and belief radiating from my soul through my heart centre, I allow myself to truly experience the value and impact of these energies on my entire being and reality. Faith, trust and belief fills my entire being, I give my focus to my heart and allow it to bring forth through me and attract all that is necessary and needed to allow me to understand that my reality is supported completely and absolutely by the Creator, therefore all is effortless and perfect. I invite myself to connect with and remember the vibrations of faith, trust and belief available to me from my heart chakra at all times especially as I make the transition from my mind to my heart into the truth of the Creator. Thank you.’


Please allow yourself to experience the vibrations of faith, trust and belief rising from within you, these are natural energies which exist within you no matter whether you doubt or judge yourself. This simple exercise will encourage you to recognise the Creator more fully within your being and reality thus creating beautiful transitions for yourself and the Earth, bringing forth enlightenment.


With love and blessings,

I am present to support your ascension,

St Germain


Heal Your Physical Body & Uplift Your Soul’s Journey and the Universe by Natalie Glasson

Published on Aug 19, 2015

I am a consciousness named Goddess Oraylia from the Goddess Council at the Cosmic Level of the
Creator’s Universe. It is an honour to share my energy and love with you; I am predominantly present to guide
you in receiving the frequencies, wisdom and transformation which are available to you at this time. Let
yourself be receptive to my energies and wisdom as this will support our co-creation. Acceptance and co-
creation are key focuses at this time of ascension. The Creator is inviting you to accept yourself more fully, to
accept the energies of the Creator in the numerous forms and expressions they are delivered to you, as well
as accepting the shifts which are required to take place to aid your transformation. Co-creation is a key focus
due to the Creator inviting you to bring your attention to the awareness you are in a constant flow and
experience of the Creator, more importantly to realise you are never creating on your own. The Creator is
encouraging you to be observant that you are constantly creating with other expressions of the Creator such
as Ascended Masters and Archangels. Such beings can be specifically called forth to co-create with you in
your reality, especially your spiritual evolution. Desires and dreams can also be co-created with aspects of
the Creator to aid an expanded view and experience for yourself upon the Earth.
‘My boundaries of accepting the Creator are dissolved; I am willing and able to accept the Creator within and
around me.’
‘Protected and supported by my community of Angels, I call for the most appropriate expression of the
Creator to co-create with me now. My intention is to co-create….. (please explain your intention.) I now allow
myself to become aware of the being of light and love who has presented themselves to co-create with me. I
welcome you and unite our energies to magnify and manifest my intention divinely and appropriately within my
reality. Thank you.’
Take time in meditation or observation to discover the being who has come forth to co- create with you as
well as imagining your energy uniting to create a powerful source of light, which represents that which you
wish to create. Daily adopt the understanding that you are constantly co-creating with this being your intention,
until it manifests fully within your physical reality.
The current phase of our ascension on the Earth and the inner planes is focused upon the anchoring and
acceptance of the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency. Both energies are merging to
create an intense shift within many upon the Earth so that transformation of diverse and personal aspects is
evident within each person.
As we move into 2016 you will be able to recognise with greater confidence and
awareness the major transformations which have and are taking place within your being and reality due to
your dedication to the light and your spiritual evolution. These transformations are also manifesting due to the
combined presence, co- creation and anchoring of the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess
frequency. The Crystalline Consciousness offers a powerful purification, light enhancement, the release of
habits which have extended throughout numerous lifetimes and the ability to acknowledge oneness with clarity
and precision. The Goddess frequency shares their nourishing, nurturing, creative and expansion qualities
which when combined with the Crystalline Consciousness create a key of awakening and self-acceptance.
The co-creation between the Crystalline Consciousness and the Goddess frequency is now due to intensify
its strength, power and availability creating a powerful boost of energy to be anchored into the Earth and
those ready to receive.
I wish to support you in being ready, available and receptive to this powerful energy boost of pure intention
and vibrations. In order to achieve this I wish to bring your attention of your mind and third eye chakra to your
physical body. You may have noticed sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic changes and shifts in your
physical body. Your physical body is being upgraded and more fully aligned to the truth of your essence and
soul. It is into your physical body that the power boost of energy from the Crystalline Consciousness and the
Goddess frequency will anchor, mostly influence and be noticeably present. The physical body is now the
focus of your ascension at this time; ….

This meditation video is from Natalie Glasson’s weekly channeled message entitled: “Heal Your Physical Body, Soul’s Journey and the Universe by Goddess Oraylia”.
The full transcript is found on Natalie’s website at:…

Video By Steven Hutchinson
Background Music: THE SECRET LIFE OF TREES By Tracy Bartelle


~The Gateway to Enlightenment~By Francoise

The gateway to enlighenment • photo: maiarcita on deviantart: The gateway to enlighenment • photo: maiarcita on deviantart

Explore the beauty our world provides, mingled with dance, laughter, love and music… as we begin to take steps into the gate of enlightenment to make new and fresh beginnings .

Follow the Light, by maiarcita: Follow the Light, by maiarcita

Let’s step up our marks; Explore our inner realm and enter into our pearl of wisdom. Follow your dreams..Circle of Light by SilverCurlyART on DeviantArt: Circle of Light by SilverCurlyART on DeviantArt

WE are now in a place of  our dreams … we have manifested this  inner beauty in our minds, now is the right time to journey into our new paths.

: 

As we journey on thru the many compartment of our mind let us rid ourselves of our painful past …

let us wash away all our tears, bitterness and sorrow in the purest water of our souls. Let us forgive and make peace to all the hurts our hearts have been subjected to.

Enter into your inner kingdom of joy and peace that we have so carefully designed for our souls journey. Enter The Gateway to enlightenment…..Enjoy

Be happy and truthful to yourself and I wish you all blessings on your paths.



Opening to A New Phase of Light Activation By Archangel Uriel Through Melanie Beckler

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  1. Ah, is knowing or knowledge more important than faith or belief. Whats comes first the chicken or the egg. How many people in this day and age would have the belief and faith that just by going inside yourself you can create your reality? Most of us need to be taught, which is knowledge. Since my whole life is knowing I think knowledge is more important, and then through a foundation of knowing what to do and having faith and belief it will work.


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