Soulstice Rising – Powerful Leaps Forward – 9-2-15

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Powerful Leaps Forward 02-Sep-2015
Since March, in particular, we have been expanding, growing and changing exponentially. Each solar activity, each New & Full Moon has been extraordinarily intense, pushing us forward as if we have been riding a wave that increases in speed as we get closer to the shore. This past Full Moon has been incredibly powerful and still is. Many “ascension symptoms” have returned…intense ear noise, sleep disruptions, digestive issues, buzzing in different parts of the body, headaches, nausea and the list goes on. At the same time, we are more intuitive, more clear and are experiencing amazing dreams; be they releasing, healing or showing us a magnificent view of the shore. Many are leaving the planet, including many life forms as well. And now we are moving toward the eclipse on September 13th, which will be rather huge for us. We are actually not only feeling the last Full Moon, but are also feeling the build-up of the eclipse energy. It is pushing us toward making even more changes, if necessary. Enough of the excuses and feeling victimized; you either leap fully into being Love or you grow evermore miserable in old life.

There is more integration of our spiritual beliefs; in other words, if you aren’t walking your talk, you suffer. Why? Because it is just not enough to talk about it; we must Be it. Talking without acting is of the old. Many say they want their New Life, yet how many are willing to let go of what they know and who they are (based on their history) in order to allow New Life to manifest? Living our Truth may not be easy, yet it is extremely rewarding. We are put in touch with the Ecstasy of living congruently. We question nothing; seek nothing; for we have all within us. As we integrate the many and ongoing downloads of Light, we realize that we are ready to live the lives we’ve imagined and have dreamed about. When we don’t use the Light we have, it sits dormant. You need no-one or nothing outside yourself. You don’t need a community or a guru or a partner to be whole. These are choices.

With both the last Full Moon and the upcoming eclipse we expand in our Intuition and feeling-Heart, moving more away from the need to know what, why, how, where or who. Everything is based on feeling and resonating. We no longer can tolerate anything less or anyone who is still “playing dumb.” For those less aware, they too are affected by the energy; they feel it as emotional turmoil. They have drama and chaos consistently and they continue to blame others and circumstances, which keeps them in a self-fulfilled prophecy. This is because wherever one places their attention is what manifests. The awakened ones perceive challenges as opportunities to grow in Awareness. The challenges do not stop them; they continue to move forward with more Strength, more Grace and more Commitment.


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