Machiventa Melchizedek – Return of Jesus / Sananda – The Events to come almost Immediately, are Earth Shaking more ways than one – 9-6-15

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Lord Sananda

Machiventa Melchizedek   –   Return of Jesus / Sananda

The Events to come almost Immediately, are Earth Shaking more ways than one   –   9-6-15

This is Machiventa. your being here is just the ticket. The events to come almost immediately are earth shaking more way then one. The first thing you will see after the broadcast will begin in the sky, with enormous contrails that go from horizon to horizon,  the wind will be still, the birds will be flying in joy, the light will be the same worldwide.

Our combined efforts from the celestial administration are timing things for maximum impact over the whole globe. Puzzlement will be on each face for the light is different, and the areas supposed to be in darkness on the other side of the glove will be near full daylight.

Next all will see what to them will seem like billions of celestial beings, clearly visible all over the sky. Next flashes of light from the four corners as it were, that pulse in a show of brilliant symbolism representing all aspects of Serara’s Mission. Puzzlement of course, in every mind that isn’t aware like you are, a desire to stay and watch, others are called to come see. It will continue and continue for quite a while, silence will reign all over but then, choruses of the finest music you have ever heard, clearly ringing from east to west, north to south.

Feelings of awe and astonishment, yet recognition in many hearts about what is really happening, those with love of the Father in their soul will thrill with feelings of ecstatic joy, as the realization that this must be the return of Jesus.  Next there will be thunderous reports of audible speaking ,  understandable by all peoples in their own language, [Yes Daniel calm yourself, you are doing alright.]

A time of stupendous visual demonstration that cannot be described, until you see it yourself, drum rolls, trumpet blasts, stirring cloud formations that thrill in their beauty and meaningfulness.  All this on a scale that is incontrovertibly, Divine!

All will be awestruck , those with love, with those with fear of pending retributions, and continuing more come of friends and acquaintances. More are in the streets or backyards or in the fields or in the stadiums or in the parking lots or in the airports or in the armed forces barracks; or in the parliaments or the financial markets or in that lonely ship on the sea.

After some time as we continue to dazzle, and huge majorities are out looking up transfixed because nothing in anyone’s experience has come close to this. It will appear authentic, not smoke and mirrors this, just sincere loving attention grabbing, [and one] can’t look away [at the type of] fascinating display.

On we continue, time is necessary to get everyone outside looking up. Tears are running in not a few eyes, [and] fear is seen in not a few faces. Finally after quite a long time so most are on hand and being fascinated,  will come clearly seen by all, the figure of the One everyone will recognize is the Christ Jesus of 2,000 years ago.

Each seeing the image they have form their religious training the image they know without a doubt is Jesus, he will move from east to west slowly [appearing] gargantuan, seen from north to south by ways we know how to do, [the flat earthers will be puzzled].

His movement will be stately, dignified and warm. All will be talking at once, exclaiming,  shouting pacing, shaking their heads in disbelief. They are not hallucinating, now millions on the cell phones, “Hey do you see what I see.”  Those comprehending the truth are dancing and exclaiming their joy,  it goes on an on. There will be not one iota of room for doubt that this happened.

[Nothing] like this [has ever happened] in the annals of all Urantian and also Nebadonian history. It continues, necks are tired by the constant looking up, birds are singing everywhere now to along with the background of that incredible music we all recognize but just can’t place. Skeptics are dissing their neighbors, “Hey it’s just a trick. You’ll see,  this is just a weird, anomaly.”

But it goes on for hours,  it can’t be escaped, it is too much. Minds are stirred to the limit of sanity, simple ones, others disparage, [and others] by their calm demeanor, shows they know. The educated one in the secular circles are beside themselves with perplexity and ‘discombuberation’,  but inside there is starting a little doubt. Their godless take on things may have been wrong, a little glimmer of curiosity opens, because it is just too stupendous, too over the top. [This is] realistic, too well done to be anything but Divine.

Cars race, to take care of business that may incriminate them, it is dawning that this might be the real thing, it is so overwhelmingly clear and realistic, no mist or smoke to obscure this. Hearts are failing because conscience is coming,  internal minds are racing. A thousand things are processed,  hearts are changing as speak. Amends are made, promises are made,  viewpoints are changed, joy in so many is creeping in. Fear is not a huge issue, as it is so well done that nothing is threatening. All is comprehendible, it is soaking in, now a race to the land lines and cell phones and iPods and computers, emails are whizzing, the light continues more lucid then, normal. Outside they go again to check was it really real, yes, it’s still there all of it. “I can’t wait to see my wife tonight.”

News cameras are everywhere, cell cameras are working overtime. The normal media doesn’t know what to say, stumbling and mumbling is going out, perplexity, calls for being calm and explanations of wild speculations are spoken. No one [yet] is speaking with confidence.

Bus’s have stopped as the riders demanded it. Trains with passengers have them all face to the glass. Jets are scrambled to fly purposeless, storms are no longer raging anywhere. All [are] fixed on the sky. More time goes on, more come to see for the first time. All continues for hours and hours, no one doesn’t know, news outlets all in confusion.

Then my children, after enough of the aerial show, for no corner of the earth is unexposed, comes the black streak on the TV screens, and then clarity again. Standing there is the exact Jesus of Nazareth, sunburned, virile, dignified, calm eyes, bright with normal enthusiasm and sparkle, high def working beautiful is the Sovereign of Nebadon. His manner and demeanor is striking and commanding yet personable, non threatening and words come out in the language of those watching. The fittingness of what is being said is a marvel. All areas are addressed in the minds of the questioning viewers.

This continues and continues, as he patiently yet quickly explains, and does it in several ways, about what is happening.  He continues, no one gets tired of listening, and again millions of calls are made to acquaintances, friends and neighbors, “Please turn on your set!”

He continues with loving language that warms most listening. He continues talking, more and more tune in and late comers miss nothing, as again in a new fresh way the same ground is covered, speaking with confidence and endearing statements of memorable construction, he goes on and on. No one can get enough because it resonates so strongly. The words are perfect to allay fears and yet he tells the truth of the choice all will have to make. He reminds them of the two ways of life, the way of service and the way of acquisition. He comes across, to engender hope in millions of breasts.

He gives glimpses of the new Earth government, tells of trustworthy public servants in all nations, of economic stability, of recovering health and wellbeing,  and mentions important strictures on damaging industries. He talks about Substances that will no longer be available, how municipal constable authorities of Kindness and Service, will become the norm, how education for adults will be available to help steer the course and train for available work; how volunteers are needed almost immediately to work with the new administration in a thousand different categories; how respectful, environmental policies, Humane treatment of all life forms, clean up of horrendously toxic areas will take high priority. He continues on to the absolute delight of most,…..and the worst night mare for others. He doesn’t tire, [and is] just warm. consistent, and delightful because his mastery of each language.

[Dear Machiventa, am I getting this mostly right?]
Yes Daniel,  it’s a preview, it’s a favor to all of you.

It’s coming to be common knowledge, no explanation Is necessary and it’s dawning on almost everyone what is really going on.  The sky show is fading after many hours,  yet he continues on the TV and now on all the internet media and radio. His voice is clear and accessible to any, even the most disadvantaged. He continues to come across in any language, and saturation is approaching.

New programming is slowly being introduced that continues on the theme of positive changes coming.  Other speakers are now seen more and more, again interesting programming, that captivates and wins hearts. Personable speakers in the attire of modern citizens of the various races and nationalities are seen in the respective audiences. Reassuring statements are constantly made. Appreciation is shown for meritorious service by heroes of the various nationalities, commendations, honorable humans are exemplified in their living environment, praise is given for service in the first hours of the stupendous, sky demonstration;  examples of trust and faith are portrayed.

I have a few more things to say. Now remember my children, as you can see from the above, we are full of confidence of success in this massive undertaking,  you all will be used in the most helpful ways and your believing that, and opening and surrendering even more to your [Thought] Adjusters is your job at this moment. Happiness is our most prevalent feeling now and it is yours I wager.

Most affectionate feeling to you all and a prayer for love and Valiancy as we do this.
Good Day for Now, Machiventa

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