Joe Weaver – September 2015 New Earth Transition Update – 9-5-15

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Hello All, Well here we are in September 2015! A lot has transpired since the beginning of 2015 and a wild ride it has been. The first wavers have been learning to surf the waves of transformation for years. Learning to live in the new energetics while still leading a 3D life. We have been acclimating with our multidimensionality in these initial years of the New Earth. Now we are moving into another stage of the planetary ascension. Some of you might have been feeling this shift within the last few weeks. We have prepared our earthly vessels for the next stage. In the weeks and months to come the energetic waves are going to become larger. However there is nothing to fear about these larger waves because we have already learned how to surf. All that we have to do now is remember the basics, love, breath, release and allow.


We bounce off the walls of the ascension tunnel/tube until we gain our balance. Most of us have had to experience what we don’t want to experience, in order to find out what we do want to experience. As a collective if we continue to focus on duality and separation we will continue to be presented with different scenarios till we gain more clarity about what WE truly wish to experience. If we choose an ego based president to represent the people WE will eventually find out why we don’t want to experience that anymore. If we try and hold onto the old ways of greed, fear, hate and control the polarity of these choices will increase until we start making new choices. We can make the process as easy or hard as we choose.

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There are no “chosen” people by God within the ascension process, there are only people who have chosen to BE God/Goddesses themselves. There are many ways to perceive/view this statement. It depends on what level of consciousness it is being viewed by. The people who choose the 3D way of life will view it one way. While the people who have integrated their 4D levels of consciousness view it another. The same goes for those who embody their 5th dimensional levels of being and God Self awareness. It is one thing to believe in or know the truth and it is another to BE the truth.


As the cosmic waves start to come in, embrace them. Spread out your arms like gigantic crystalline tree branches covered with big pearlescent colored leaves. Allow these incoming energies to soak into the levels of your multidimensionality, through the branches, down your trunk and deep into your roots. We are anchoring these energies for not only mother earth but for all. As these energies are anchored the 2nd and 3rd wavers will be making their own choices on how they wish to experience the changes at hand. We may be participating on different waves of the ascension but let’s not forget that we are still part of one gigantic ocean of life. We all move as ONE! It is through our own personal transformation we transform the world! Bask in the incoming waves of light my friends!


I have created a new event called the New Earth Council Gathering. For more information please view the video below. We will be having in-person and online events. I’m currently planning an online event for Sunday September 27th but don’t have all the details about it yet. I will announce the details soon. On Saturday September 26th we will be having our first in-peron gathering in Wilmington, North Carolina. Additional details for this event is listed below. For those of you attending the event in Wilmington we will be having an afterparty at a local establishment for a few drinks and conversation. So come hang out!


Blessing to all,
Joe Weaver

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