Rose Rambles .org – Fire in the Sky News – Glowing ‘Flamelike’ Cloud Appears in Sky – 9-2-15


Rose Rambles .org    –   Fire in the Sky News   –   Glowing ‘Flamelike’ Cloud Appears in Sky   –   9-2-15


Yes, things are c-r-a-z-y out there! Putin announces the dollar will no longer be used as a currancy in Russia, the Chinese are selling ALL US treasury notes, a large bank in Engaland, HBSC, has announced it is bankrupt with no bailout from the Bank of England, nor the EU…howevr, the Fed might bail them out, so now you know where your tax dollars are going…overseas!

Is the weather crazy in your neck of the woods? Here in the Columbia Gorge, temps were in the high 90’s last week and today, the high was 70! Lot’s of fires aound here too…lot’s of ’em with reports that UN helecopters were seen hovering over areas that later burst into flame.

NOW it is time to get your food/water/meds ready for a brief shutdown (no longer than a couple of weeks) of our society, because following that will be a time of joy, peace, and freedom! In the meantime, please take a look at the photo above and imagine this type of wonderful, fantastic occurance in your life ALL the time!



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