Steve Beckow – Who Will Choose Not to Ascend? – Part 2/4 – 8-30-15

Car Crash

(Continued from Part 1.)

Physically, from what causes will people die and leave rather than stay and ascend?

The over-arching cause is that people reject the light. Their carbon-based bodies will not transform into crystalline-based if they do, Matthew Ward explains.

“The light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution. Those who refuse the light will not have survival capability, and when Earth reaches the higher levels, their bodies will die.”  (1)

They won’t leave in large waves, he tells us.

“Individuals who do not absorb sufficient light to ascend with Earth will not leave en masse. The time of physical death will be in accordance with the amount of light in each body, and dying can be the result of any of the current causes such as disease, drowning, vehicle crashes, suicide, fires, and earthquakes.” (2)

On another occasion, he assures us that we’ll have the opportunity to meet up with them as we ascend.

“Throughout the year greater numbers of people will be dying than heretofore, and it is likely that among them will be members of your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors. If they are especially dear to you, be comforted in knowing that along the ascension pathway through fourth density into fifth, there will be joyful physical reunions between souls on the planet and those in Nirvana.” (3)

Where will they go?  They’ll be taken to a vibrational venue amenable to them and continue their journey of evolution, Matthew says: “Their souls automatically will go to stations where their lifetime free will choices have energetically registered them.” (4) “This normally means lifting them off Earth,” SaLuSa informs us, “and allowing them to continue their experiences at a similar level.”  (5)

They’ll “continue their experiences in a vibration that is the same as theirs,” he explains on another occasion. (6) There, Matthew tells us,  “they will have as many opportunities as they need ‘to see the light.’” (7) That’s as much detail as they offer on where these souls will go.

Will they remember us?  Archangel Michael responds:

“Those who are in the, shall we say, the slow lane of Ascension will also have full memory of who has gone before and who has chosen not to go. Will those memories eventually fade with a feeling of love? Yes, of course they will. The few … will feel and think that nothing much has changed.

“There will be an explanation of where you have gone or not gone. There will be a sense of that imprint of who you are. But they will continue in an illusion which has been very dense and very thick for them regardless. So it will not be heart-breaking; it will be taken care of. For this is not in any of these scenarios a cruel, unfeeling, punishing process. This is an upliftment. This is the miraculous unfoldment.”  (8)

Will they be able to retain the memory of what happened? SaLuSa explains:

“[Their] experience will achieve much in time, as it will remain in their subconscious memory until it can serve them again. They certainly will not have to start at the bottom of the ladder again. Like any other soul they will progress because it is impossible to stand still, as even if it is not perceptible, everything is in state of change and is the one constant in the Universe.” (9)

Can we retain contact with them?  We won’t lose contact with them unless we wish to, SaLuSa tells us.

“Think not of losing your contact with those you love, as [you] will always be one with them wherever they are. In the higher dimensions, time and distance are no barrier to travel or communication.” (10)

What about souls who elect to remain behind for the sake of another? Will they miss out on the opportunity to ascend? Archangel Michael informs us of their position:

Steve Beckow: Has a parent who chooses to remain behind when ascension occurs for the sake of a spouse or a child forfeited their chance to ascend for the next 26,000 years, or will they ascend upon the death of the physical body?

Archangel Michael: Of course they will ascend on the death of the body.

SB: All right. So it’s not the case that there’s a window that briefly opens and then shuts and these people have lost out altogether?

AAM: Why would we ever punish? We are not in the punishing business. And we would certainly never punish for love. When one stays because their love and their caring is so intense, their commitment is so intense – that is always taken into account. They will have their chance.

SB: That’s very reassuring. (11)

This is the situation for people of ordinary good intent who simply choose not to ascend because they are afraid, disillusioned, or unable to comprehend. Tomorrow we’ll look at the situation of darkly-inclined people.

(Continued in Part 3.)

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