St. Germain via Natalie Glasson – Instigating and Observing Transformation – 8-29-15


St. Germain via Natalie Glasson   –   Instigating and Observing Transformation  –   8-29-15


My love and the vibration of transformation which the Creator delivers and anchors through my being are expressed to you now, available for you to receive and embody, to support your ascension.

I am St. Germain. Some may call me a Master of Transformation, and yet I am simply observant of the energy of the Creator, realising the potential for growth and expansion that is waiting to take place. It is my simple observation and understanding of energy which allows me to instigate and experience transformation of all forms.

I invite you to contemplate, do you know your own potential? Do you know how you can transform? Do you understand the outcome if you allowed yourself to transform? These are interesting questions.

I also wish to share with you that it is valuable to your spiritual evolution to ask yourself questions such as these, as it inspires understanding as well as new aspects of your truth to awaken.

However, when you ask yourself a question there is no need to expect an answer, this is because the question is a far more powerful instigator and activator of your energy than is receiving the answer.

When you receive the answer to your question, this is only a response grounding into your physical body and awareness from a major shift which has occurred energetically. In truth, the answer you receive can in no way describe the response which has taken place energetically.

When you ask yourself questions, you are encouraging your inner core energy to blossom, expand, and become its truth. It is an energetic reaction which occurs within you, synthesising you with the Creator.

The answer you receive is almost like the description of the energetic reaction, which is almost unfulfilling compared to the shift and awakening taken place within your being.

It is the same when you invite a guide or your soul to impart wisdom or guidance to you. You may receive wisdom which satisfies you, or maybe you find it challenging to receive guidance or any form of connection.

The important thing is that the question has been asked, whether you receive the guidance or inspiration through your mental or emotional body, it doesn’t matter because a blossoming of your truth is taking place, which is impacting your ascension and connection with the Creator whether you are aware of it or not.

You have received all that is appropriate and necessary. Therefore, you can have faith that you are always growing, activating, and transforming. The key is to encourage yourself to be observant of the beautiful energetic reactions taking place within your being.

I invite you to sit peacefully or to simply allow yourself time to commune with your innermost sacred energy. As you are breathing deeply, focusing upon the beauty of light, love, and consciousness that you are, which exists within your being, I invite you to ask these questions only one at a time, allowing yourself to take time to feel and observe the energetic response and blossoming taking place within your being.

Who am I? What is my key skill or ability in this lifetime? How can I heal myself? What is my potential or purpose? Why am I here on the Earth? You may wish to compose questions which resonate with your soul and current existence.

Ask yourself in your mind, ‘Who am I?’ Then take the attention of your mind to your heart chakra and be observant of the energy at this area. Observe any energy, colour, sensation, or feeling which rises or swells into your being in response.

Even if you are not aware of what is occurring, know and hold faith that beauty is arising from within your being. Do not try to understand, analyse or investigate the energy. Simply be accepting because the energy awakening from within your being in response to your question is so valuable and sacred.

Even if you cannot understand the energy, something more important is occurring. You are embodying the energy. It is embedding within your physical being and will become a natural expression.

This signifies that when you ask the question, ‘Who am I?’ the answer from your soul is synthesised with your entire being, thus accelerating your ascension dramatically.

Imagine, then, if you were to ask the same question with honesty and love several times a day, each time giving yourself space to experience the energy reaction forming within your being. Then you would allow yourself to embody your true self through this simple practice. This is to instigate and observe your own transformation in a very simple way.

Sometimes it is easier to observe the transformation of another rather than yourself. This is also valuable as it encourages you to be aware, sensitive, and attentive.

When you are observing the transformation of yourself or another, you are witnessing the energy of the Creator evolve into a greater potential. You are expanding all limitations in order to recognise the Creator with greater truth and awareness.

This is an ability to be encouraged because when you allow yourself to observe the greatness of the Creator, you allow yourself to move away from living with limiting perspectives. It is truly freeing for your heart and soul when you hold the belief that anything and everything is possible and that each soul is far more expansive and beautiful than their current existence.

Transformation is to observe and allow the energy of the Creator to expand into its beauty and perfection. You have this divine right in every moment of your reality, thus realising your greatness and potential on the Earth as a spiritual being of light and an aspect of the Creator.

I invite you to call my energy, St. Germain, forth to be present with you. Allow yourself to breathe my energy deep into your being, sensing my energy, light, and consciousness.

When you can sense my energy present with you, I invite you to ask me a question. Say in your mind, ‘What is your truth?’ Then simply allow yourself to be observant of my energy.

I, St. Germain, will transform before you, I am already my truth, and yet my soul will heighten my entire being, bringing forth purer aspects of my truth to merge with you.

You may feel the transformation of my energy within your own being. This is simply because we are connected and present together in this space. It is also due to the fact that all aspects of the Creator, including you and I are united as one, never separate.

Simply allow yourself to practice this, free from expectations. As you pose the question, your own soul will blossom and expand in response, as well.

Additionally, I invite you to sit before a flower, plant, or tree. I invite you to hold the intention of recognising the energy of the flower, plant, or tree. Then, when you feel ready, ask in your mind a question such as, ‘What is your truth?’

Allow yourself to simply be aware of the energy, vibration, and colour of the flower, plant, or tree as it evolves into an expanded greatness. Observe the transformation, even if you simply hold an intention or sense the transformation occurring. It is a wonderful technique to practice, as it will encourage your deeper understanding of transformation, as well as developing your sensitivity to the subtle shifts occurring within your being and within all aspects of the Creator.

It is techniques such as these that I share and encourage within my ashram upon the inner planes, and which Lady Portia shares within the Seventh Ray of Light Ashram.

If you wish to work closer with myself, St. Germain, or with Lady Portia, focusing upon activating, observing, and experiencing transformation of the energy of the Creator, then you can call upon us, sharing with us your wishes to study with us upon the inner planes.

This will mean that during your sleep state your attention and awareness will be transported to either my ashram, or Lady Portia’s ashram on the inner planes, to continue a focus upon activating, observing, and experiencing transformation.

We will share with you many teachings which will support the evolution of your soul upon the Earth, your enhanced sensitivity to the energy and presence of the Creator, as well as encouraging you to support the ascension of all upon the Earth.

You can also call upon myself, St. Germain, to meditate with you, downloading the same teachings concerning transformation so you may receive them with conscious awareness.

It is my purpose to ignite abundant transformation and alignment with the Creator,

Saint Germain

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