Forgive Your Past – by Vera Daroga – 8-28-15

An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross
An open bible with grass and a man walking towards a cross

Forgive Your Past   –   by  Vera Daroga   –   8-28-15

Forgiveness energy is powerful enough to cut you free from all negative bonds and helps restore peace and love in your being and world. The negative bonds crumble away when the energy of forgiveness comes into play. The memories of the past cannot be erased until you forgive every situation and person, which is the cause of your inner restlessness, hurt and pain. These memories are the result of the bonds, which you are not willing to snap. Surrender your past to the Light of Peace and Love. Meditation and prayers help to restore inner peace and balance.

As you begin to increase your light you will find yourself being released from all negative bonds, and likewise all that is not of the Light will be repelled even as the ego-selves of the people are directing negative energy at you. People who serve no spiritual purpose will be eliminated from your life. They will no longer have the power to affect you adversely anymore; they will be removed from your life altogether if they continue to bear malice towards you. Yours, at the same time is to remain anchored in the Light of Love and peace. For this, you need to live every waking moment with conscious awareness of the Light. This prevents you from being caught off-guard by any unprecedented situation that is likely to overwhelm you.

The Light is your Saviour and Guardian against all negativity. You must not let go of your inner peace at any time, regardless of all the chaos and confusion that goes on around you. Nothing in the world of matter is powerful enough to shatter your peace when you are anchored into it. It is only when you feed the negative energies with your emotions of fear, anger, hatred, hurt and pain that the situations will gain power to knock you down, and throw you out of sync with the cosmic energies of peace and harmony. It is only you, and not any outside power, that is responsible for all your difficulties and miseries. Let go the desire to control others around you. Accept all without judgment. It is not possible to change people to live by your standards for each one comes with his own agenda in this world. It is your assertive behaviour that is leading to needless frustration and despair in your life.

Nothing in the matter world is worth fretting and crying over. All situations are lessons of Love and Peace. They are for you to learn and master the lessons of Unconditional Love, and your difficulties are here to stay until your lessons are learnt. The sooner you learn the better for you. Remember, the ordeals of life are not permanent or real. They are chapters in your life that you have asked for before you entered the Earth plane for the sake of your own spiritual progress. They are here to test your spiritual muscles. You come armed with the spiritual tools to help you plough your way through the wilderness of life. Unfortunately these are lying somewhere in the deepest recesses of your being, forgotten and neglected, as you joined hands with the dark forces that charmed you with sweet lies, convincing you of the power of anger and violence. And so somewhere along the way you strayed away from the sun-lit Path, and found yourself in a terrible maze of nettles and thorns, fumbling desperately to find your freedom.

Remember, God is waiting on the sidelines, patiently waiting for your call. He has never left you, even when you turned your back to Him. He cannot interfere with your free-will until you call to Him. It is easy; just call out to Him and He will be by your side in a flash. With His Help you will be able to retrieve His gifts that will help you to fight the forces of darkness. He will teach you to be kind, patient and a loving person with all in life. You are created in the likeness of His Image so do not doubt the divine powers that are lying inert within you. Reclaim your power and live life fearlessly with love and compassion in the face of all adversities. It is the only way you can triumph over the evil. Be Light. Be Love.

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