Rich Days By Steve Beckow – 8-26-15

Steve Beckow   –  Rich, rich days

The energies are so high at the moment that they serve both as an emotional floor, below which I no longer go, and a springboard, enabling me the more easily to launch into transformative love.

They allow me to even conceive of a state like a totally mature spiritual adult. More, they make that state attainable.

No more do I go into depression. Even the perennial loneliness that I used to feel has abated in the face of these wonderful vibratory levels.

Love is right there awaiting us. All we have to do is call it up on the inbreath and breathe it out to the world on the outbreath and it stokes our fires. That same love that comes from our heart is richer than anything else I can think of.

It’s no good to try to hide the love I feel these days. I must be a nuisance sitting in front of my friends and feeling so much love for them. Thank heavens for friends who allow me to love them.

It takes courageous people to allow love in without feeling obligated or threatened. I’m not making a demand on anyone. I just need to express my love or hurt from the suppression of it.

Equally the desire to serve arises naturally in vibrations such as these. If I cannot serve of a day, the day doesn’t feel complete.

The greatest service I or anyone else can give, in my view, is to listen to another. Listening is so valuable and so rare in our society. You’ve heard me say it a hundred times.

But every time a friend extends to me the courtesy of listening – really listening – and every time I extend listening to another, magical things happen. People emerge from their upsets. They feel nourished. They feel elevated.

Loving, serving, listening – what do I do in a day? That’s what I do. And what rich days they are.


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