Karen Dover – Removal of the veils of illusion in TRUTH – 8-26-15

Karen DoverKaren Dover


Many of you may have felt the huge surge in frequency over the last 24 to 48 hours and many of you may have a feeling of “panic” that does not recede.  As described in the book of revelations GOD has now removed ALL veils that have blinded the human race.  These veils allow for TRUTH to be seen but TRUTH will remain hidden for many people who will simply not allow themselves to accept what they are being shown.  Many of you are also aware that we are approaching a full moon and that the media has already begun to “hijack” the influence that the moon has on our emotional body.   The latest “news” that has been placed across the social media networks is DELIBERATE MANIPULATION OF EMOTIONAL RESIDUE, again many will simply default to the emotional response that arises within them and run with it. This emotional response is what the old earth construct uses repeatedly to distort and change a picture and turns said picture into what we EXPECT to see in response to the emotional reaction that is triggered within us.  This is how the old earth construct can “hide” but as GOD has removed these veils then the emotional reaction will not be able to maintain the illusion that is presented for any length of time.  It will become increasingly more and more obvious how our emotional landscape is being used to deliberately trigger and manipulate our reactions to our fellow human beings.

As this is already known as there is in TRUTH no linear time, another construct that changes the outer waking picture and allows for the hiding of TRUTH through placing focus away from it, then the fallen angels will at this time be in overdrive. For those of you who believe the false teachings of the old earth and seek to reference fallen angels under “religion” and “conspiracy” then events over the coming linear few weeks and months within this dimensional space referenced as planet earth will show TRUTH.  As there is no linear time, ALL is NOW, whilst it may be more socially acceptable at a human level to place “blame” at the feet of some controlling body what is filtered out is WHO the controlling body are in TRUTH. Fallen angels are REAL for those of you who have had first hand experience of them then I would guide you to prepare for those around you to be targeted again, they will use whatever vessels they can find to come through, around and within. As the human race do not allow themselves to accept that there is a legion of angels that are not only not “pink and fluffy” but have been unleashed across the world prior to the creation of the human race then they have hidden in plain view just behind the illusion for eternity.

For those of you who have fallen to the whispering of said fallen angels who at the end of the day are ANGELS which can and will take a form in order to persuade that they are still aligned with YHWY you may find the information they give you to be at best erratic and at worst dangerous.  Whilst in the arena of fallen angels, those who walk with them and toe the line as it were are generally left to remain in illusion, TRUTH is revealed when the human concerned makes attempts to change direction and move into expansion.  The main tool of the fallen ones is CHAOS, where you find CHAOS that is beyond human words and can be often physical in its manifestation you will find a fallen angel(s).  They have particular signature frequencies which is why it is vital to FEEL TRUTH. Asking them if they are fallen is a non starter, they will state they are angelic which they are but then will wrap you in further illusion. They NEED permission to enter a human vehicle, where they have found entry it is through open energy signatures of those who are compromised.  Those who have permitted “angelic” entry have often done so in the assumption that only angels that are of “light” are present, ALL fallen angels were originally GOD’s creation in heaven so they were ORIGINALLY born of light but fell. So the question “are you of light” will be answered with a “yes” they are technically not lying but they are not in TRUTH either. Angels can present themselves in numerous forms, the only way to check if an angel is light or not is to FEEL its energy signature. There is NO mistaking an angel of YHWY the overpowering depth of LOVE is often beyond human words.

Many within the human race will simply reject the coming few weeks which will see a SURGE in false flag events, disinformation, acts of “random” mass violence etc. ALL are created in a last ditch attempt at remaining within a frequency bandwidth that is now closing and dissolving.

There is no need to “prove” TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS, any surge within your energy system to try to “prove” something “wrong” is the key in this process, you will at times have an overwhelming urge to prove your belief system and not what your heart is showing. This is part of the next phase of ascension to evolution and is the purging of the human vehicle in preparation for the physical evolution of the human race.  Fallen angels have lived within the human vehicle of the human race for eternity but only due to the genetic dna/rna alteration that took place to keep said human vehicles in the frequency bandwidths necessary for this.

As we upgrade our human vehicles and move into evolution we will NATURALLY evolve out of the lower frequency bandwidths thus preventing the human vehicles that we incarnate into to be used in this way.  The very real “spiritual” war is now fully in operation, for those of you who relate to the book of revelations we are approaching “Armageddon” which has been deliberately interpreted through main stream religion as the “end times” and the destruction of the entire human race. This is not TRUTH and is not supported on any level in the new earth frequency realities which are now opening in order that the human race can physically REBIRTH into them.

This is NOT a spiritual evolution, this is a physical AND spiritual evolution and the fallen ones will pull out all stops to prevent the unlocking of a human vehicle, they will repeatedly teach that there is no requirement in order that they may remain pulling the strings of the human life experience until the last moment.

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This next phase of the ascension to evolution process will see many leave this planet as the chaos unfolds and many will walk to the edge of sanity never to return until they are reborn when GOD opens re-incarnation which will be ONLY to the new earth frequency realities.

This is a pivotal time in the evolution process which CANNOT BE PREVENTED, CHRIST ALREADY WON and the fallen ones have hidden this by wrapping this TRUTH in religion and pitting one section of humanity against the other.  GOD’s word is beyond human interpretation of mainstream religion which is what CHRIST came to dissolve. Putting one man in charge of interpreting GODs word is akin to putting in place a realtor when selling property, the realtor becomes the point of power as all have to go through him to access the property.  I use this analogy deliberately. We have a connection to GOD at all times and this is only through CHRIST, not a person, not a church or a belief. This TRUTH is deliberately hidden and pushed into distortion in order that the human race DIVIDE ITSELF at all times.

TRUTH JUST IS and we now move into our ascension to evolution process in TRUTH.  There is power in the name of CHRIST, for those of you who can FEEL TRUTH then please find your connection and remain in the power and sanctuary of it. The fallen ones will try to temp you OUT of it for they cannot walk where CHRIST walks, they HAVE to obey which is why many people will refuse to utter the word CHRIST and use the term Jesus assuming it is the same thing. WORDS ARE FREQUENCY and this again is deliberately hidden. Many will talk of Jesus in a way that gives the assumption that they are talking about CHRIST, this is a tool of the old earth construct. CHRIST is power which is why many will seek to prove they can find YHWY through other means. Without a connection to CHRIST first and foremost there is no connection to GOD and this is deliberate in order to protect us in this our human form.

ALL PATHS now dissolve that were created in illusion and the way home is now fully illuminated as we now walk out of darkness and HOME in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

Karen X

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

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