DL Zeta – Radiant Health through Expanded Life Force Flow – 8-21-15

Aura Color Chart - Reiki With Friends BlogDL Zeta   –   Radiant Health through Expanded Life Force Flow    –   8-21-15


Many are choosing to activate expansion timelines in their field of potentials, opting to experience more of the love, abundance, personal empowerment, radiant health and opportunities for service the universe has to offer. Each choice to give more, be more and receive more brings us greater access to timelines where our capacity for universal love is increased.

Enhanced Life Force Flow Powers Expanded Potentials

While the thought of “taking on more” and “doing more” might seem overwhelming to the conscious mind, if we slip on our expansion lenses, we can see that choosing high-vibrational timelines allows us to exist in a state of enhanced life force flow where all our creations and endeavors are powered by unlimited universal energy rather than the internal batteries of our physical system. When we realize we are not alone in our intentions to serve the highest good – that we are able to call upon the vast wealth of resources and energy the universe offers – we are able to see how expansion is possible and supported.

Expanded Thinking and Emotional Clarity allow Radiant Health and Vitality

Expanding thinking literally pumps more energy, vitality and radiant health into our physical system to power our expanded potentials. Life-force energy arrives in direct proportion to what’s needed to power our life purpose. So we never have to worry about depleting ourselves in carrying out our spiritual visions. If at any time we start to feel depleted, it’s time to examine if our efforts are aligned with our soul’s desires. If the answer is yes, then we can look to other likely barriers. One major energy drain occurs when our thoughts and emotions block enhanced life-force flow.

Physical Systems and the Universal Life-Force Grid

Limited thinking and a backlog of unprocessed emotions can block life-force flow from entering the physical system. A stagnant and blocked life force flow is the number one reason for disease and death. Our physical bodies are designed to be powered by universal energy. Life-force enters the physical body at the back of the neck via the medulla oblongata. In this way, the physical body is powered by the universal life force grid.

It is always up to each person to choose the path they will follow. If we choose to follow the path of expansion, we are assured we will receive the energy and resources needed to power our visions. All we need do is clear the way and allow the flow to carry us into ever expanding realms of love and beauty.

For more on radiant health and life-force flow see Excerpt from The Metaphysics of Radiant Health Ebook by DL Zeta
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