Lord Sananda The Truth Is Coming My Friends – It Is Coming! – 8-17-15

“The Truth Is Coming My Friends – It Is Coming!”  (Part 1)




Greetings Everyone,

What can I say following our group today but OMG! The energies were off the chart and the love and tears of joy were flowing following a guided meditation led by Sananda to both experience the “Wave” and direct it across the Planet. Several group members both here in the room and participating from afar via conference call were deeply moved by the experience. It is moments like these, that make all the sacrifices we have all made over countless lifetimes well worth it. So hang in there everyone as we are nearing the end, or is it the beginning?

This coming weekend is our “Advance” so we will not be having our normal Sunday group in Glendale. All reservations have been confirmed so there are no further openings to attend. We are going to do our best to record and transcribe as much of the Ascended Master messages as we can over the weekend.

The energies are building and more and more people are feeling these changes in the air and their bodies, both physical and Spiritual. Many sources have been hinting or even flat out saying that Sept/October of this year is when the changes will really begin. Yes, we have all heard that before, but this time somehow, it seems different. We can feel it and know it within. If the frequency is right, it will all happen. As Sananda just said, “it is destined”.

Enjoy and Be in joy and Believe and you will see! The finish line is close.

Love and light,


Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on August 16, 2015


This is Sananda. Yes, I have been with you through this journey. Yes, I have always been with you through all your journeys that you have had. There has never been a time in the history of this planet or in the history of your evolution where I or others such as I were not with you. You have never been alone nor will you ever be alone. You are my brothers, my sisters, my friends. And sometimes you have been relations with me, family relations. Yes. Those of you in this room, you know of what I speak, for I speak only the truth. As you know, the truth shall set you free. The truth is coming, my friends. It is coming. It is here, now, all around you. Only for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear though,  yet.

You hear many things. You hear much information that is coming out in different ways. You listen here and you listen there. Some things do not resonate with you, but some do. I can tell you now that there is nothing to fear. Even though there is information that is being released that are calling for survivalist’s mentality, that are calling for evacuations in the near future, that are calling for reasons to prepare to defend yourself; I can tell you that as long as you are in the higher vibrations, as long as you are raising in your consciousness in your being, these things cannot happen.

Will there be those who experience these? Yes. That is what they are intending. That is what their expectation is. They are only bringing up the expectations that they are planning to have. You who listen to my words, you who resonate to my words will not have these things to be concerned with.
Is it going to be a cakewalk? No, it will not be. Are there going to be times of consternation? Yes. But when have there not been, in your various lifetimes, that you have not already been through? I can tell you that those times of consternation are coming near to an end. And as the Wave moves over, just as it did in your meditation, this is what it will be like. It is your intention, the intention of the mass consciousness of this planet, of this solar system and of this galaxy. Yes. You are all Ascending. The entire galaxy is Ascending.
If you look upon those scientific proofs of the planets of this solar system, you would know of which I speak. There are changes in atmospheres on the various planets. There are many changes in energies on the planets that can be measured and have been measured. It is not just this world that is changing. It is the entire solar system and yes, even the entire galaxy.
This is a momentous time that has been spoken of throughout the ages. It has been predicted throughout the ages. And I say to you now, that nothing can stop this. Nothing can withstand this. Even though they will continue to try and are continuing. They will be unsuccessful and they know it. But in their arrogance, they continue on, thinking, hoping that they can put off these changes just a little while longer. In some cases, yes they have. But in the end, and the end is near, they will lose this battle. They will lose their war. It is destined and cannot be changed.
I am Sananda. I am going to be with you very much more closely in the time ahead at this Advance that you are going to have. Those of us who are working with you and are mentoring to you are going to be with you, very closely, to the point where you will feel us standing on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. We will be that close. And as Ashira said some time ago, there are surprises coming. Be ready for this. We will make you ready for the Wave.

All of my peace and love to you. Know that all of those who mentor to me and work with you will be there. We are with you at all times.

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