Geoffrey Jowett – The Etheric Body –

etheric-body_OMTimesGeoffrey Jowett

The lowest vibrational layer of your subtle body that has direct contact with your physical body and sustains your life is the etheric body. It is often referred to as your human atmosphere, and contributes to vitality and health.

Your etheric body is the connection to the Divine. It absorbs and distributes the vital force energy of the universe to your entire physical body. It is the bridge between your outer physical world and your inner energy world.

Etheric comes from the word ether, which means “the state between energy and matter.” Your etheric body is composed of Aether (ether), an electromagnetic energy layer that extends from one half to two inches around your physical body. It appears as a bluish or light gray layer of unrestricted, free flowing energy and is often referred to as the vehicle of chi or prana. Your etheric body is an energy matrix or web of light with tiny energy lines branching out over the entire body. Anchoring every cell, tissues, and organ within the physical body, it truly is the Divine thought manifesting within your physical presence.ur physical body.